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Contracted development and manufacturing business

What is contracted development and manufacturing?

Other manufacturers contract JUKI to develop, manufacture, and process various products based on knowhow in development, design, production, and production management cultivated in JUKI Group companies through their work in producing major products.

The JUKI Group manufacturing companies have diverse, high-level manufacturing capabilities perfected through extensive work in product assembly and parts manufacturing in fields and processes ranging from the design and development of industrial sewing machines, household sewing machines, and SMT-related systems to development, precision processing, press sheet processing, pig iron casting, precision investment casting, and metallic mold production.
To extend the limits of the technical capabilities of any one company, the members of the JUKI Group pool four collective strengths to develop businesses to support customers in the manufacturing industry: “technician,” “development and manufacturing devices,” “development and production know-how” and “materials.”

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