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Mother factory
supporting manufacturing based on the “made by JUKI” concept



Factory overview
Factory overview This section introduces an overview of the Ohtawara plant, a core factory producing industrial sewing machines for the JUKI Group. MORE
Features The Ohtawara plant is working to smarten production as a mother factory that supports manufacturing based on the “made by JUKI” concept. MORE
Facility introduction
Facility introduction This section introduces the facilities of the Ohtawara plant in a photo-gallery style. MORE


This section introduces the production equipment of the JUKI Ohtawara plant. The equipment mainly functions to process parts and apply heat treatments. The machines variously process small-lot parts, parts for prototypes, spare parts, and emergency response parts for industrial sewing machines. The parts for industrial sewing machines must be produced with micron-level precision. We therefore apply precision technologies to the parts being processed at the request of customers in the manufacturing industry (based on a contracted development and manufacturing business). JUKI has advanced know-how in heat treatment processes such as carburizing quenching and temper, ion nitriding, and neutral salt-bath furnace immersion.


Manufacturing an industrial sewing machine
Manufacturing an industrial sewing machine This section introduces the processes used to manufacture the JUKI industrial sewing machines now being used in 180 countries all over the world. MORE
Contracted development and manufacturing business
Contracted development and manufacturing business We help customers in manufacturing industries manufacture their products. MORE