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Environmental management

Environmental Vision

The JUKI Group places importance on the global environment as a manufacturing (Monodzukuri)company and works aggressively on the effective use of resources, recycling, and energy saving.
The Group also provides safe products that place less environmental load on customers and is helping to developindustry in the region with the aim of being widely trusted and valued by both society and JUKI customers.

JUKI will strive to contribute to customers and the global environment through ecofriendly manufacturing (Monodzukuri).

The JUKI Group’s stance toward environmental conservation activities

The JUKI Group practices environmental management in three areas to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society: “Realization of a low carbon society,” “Realization of a recycling society,” and “Pollution prevention and the realization of an inclusive society rich with nature.
“The Group has established the “ECO MIND Declaration” to show its environmental activities more concretely to all of its stakeholders. The ECO MIND Declaration consists of an “Environmental Philosophy” and “Environmental Action Policy.”
The “ECO MIND Declaration” has been issued by adding “Environment” (environmental consideration) to the existing concepts of “Quality,” “Customer satisfaction,” and “Respect for humanity” (concepts based on the “Mind” in JUKI’s “Mind & Technology” corporate slogan.)
Based on this, the JUKI Group has mapped out an “Environmental Conservation Guideline,” a guideline for promoting detailed environmental approaches and practicing the environmental conservation activities as the JUKI Group.
JUKI Group companies also exchange information with each other and develop information horizontally to raise the level of the whole Group.

ECO MIND Declaration

Environmental Philosophy

ECO MINDThe JUKI Group recognizes that activities of enterprises are closely related to the global environment, and is making efforts to:

  1. Contribute to the local community and society by environment-conscious activities.
  2. Provide people around the world with environmentally friendly products.
  3. Play an active role to hand down a better global environment to future generations through continuous activities.

Environmental Action Policy

  1. Prevent global warming by promoting energy-saving in all business activities and use resource efficiently by implementing the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle).
  2. Provide products with less environmental load by planning, researching, developing, procuring, and manufacturing with environmental influences in mind.
  3. Contribute to countries and regions by modifying environmental conservation activities to suit local conditions wherever JUKI does business as a global company.
  4. Observe environmental laws and other agreed requirements, and prevent environmental pollution.
  5. Actively disclose environmental information.
  6. Raise “awareness of ecological problems” among employees through educational campaigns.

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