Parts List

  • Sewing machine category

For Apparel (JIN)

1-needle, Lockstitch Machine

Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine

Coverstitch Machine

Double Chainstitch Machine

    • H-1P (Parallel 2-needle, 3-needle)
      H-1T (Tandem 2-needle)
      H-1W (Parallel 3-needle with puller)

Bartacking Machine

Button Sewing Machine

Buttonholing Machine

For Non-apparel (JIN)

Flat-bed Sewing Machine

Post-bed Sewing Machine

    • NA-35DUT-1 (1-needle, Wheel-Feed and Needle-Feed) <Digital Stitch Length Control>
      NA-35UT-1 (1-needle, Roller presser)
      NA-35UT-2 (2-needle, Roller presser)

Pattern Stitching Machine