Computer-controlled, High-speed, Buttonholing Machine

The B-1E is a direct drive type with a maximum sewing speed to 4,200sti/min.

Product overview

Product features

  • Active tension (electronic thread tension control mechanism)

    The needle thread tension can be separately set for the parallel section and bartacking section of the buttonhole seam according to various sewing conditions (thread, material, sewing speed, etc.) given, and those setting data can be stored in memory. The needle thread tension can be changed over at the parallel and bartacking section of the buttonhole seam without fail, thereby producing beautifully-finished buttonhole stitch shape. The needle thread tension to be employed at the beginning and end of sewing can be set individually. This helps prevent slip-off of the thread at the beginning of sewing and unravel of the finished seam. 

  • Main functions driven electrically

    The electric-driven mechanism has been adopted for the work clamp foot lifter, needle / bobbin thread trimmers, work clamp foot pressure regulator, cloth trimming knife and thread tension controllers, thereby ensuring stable sewing that produces beautiful seams with less operating noise.

Basic performance

  • Oil stains are eliminated

    Thanks to our advanced dry-head technology, the frame (needle bar and thread take-up) no longer requires lubrication.
    This prevents the material from being stained with lubricating oil.

  • Lift of the work clamp

    The work clamp foot lifting height can be set as desired.
    The work clamp foot can be lifted as high as to 17 mm by the use of the reverse-rotation needle-up function.

  • LED light

    The LED light is located on the underside of the arm jaw.
    It reduces operator fatigue and improves work efficiency. It is provided as standard for all models ofthe B-1E Series.

  • A large color LCD touch panel for touch operation

    The larger screen of the color LCD touch panel displays sewing data such as the stitch shape and stitch number. These allow intuitive operation of the touch panel.

    USB port

    The color LCD touch panel is provided as standard with a USB port. This means that the sewing machine data management and software updating can be carried out with ease by means of the USB port.


Model name B-1E1790S
Application Standard
Lubrication Semi-dry head (Hook: minute-quantity lubrication)
Max. sewing speed 4,200sti/min* (Factory default: 3,000sti/min*)
Size of cloth cutting knife 6.4~31.7mm (1/4"~1-1/4")
Buttonhole length Max. 41mm (Standard-equipped presser foot: Max.25mm)
Needle thread tension Active tension (electronic thread tension control system)
Needle (at the time of delivery) DP×5 (#11) #11~#14
Lift of the work clamp 14mm (17mm when the reverse-rotation needle-up function is used)
Auto-lifter Provided as standard (Stepping motor)
Needle throwing system Stepping motor
Cloth feeding system Stepping motor
Cloth cutting knife system Stepping motor
Number of standard patterns 30 patterns
Patterns in memory 500 patterns
Machine head drive system Compact AC servomotor (direct-drive system)
Lubricating oil Sewing machine oil #10 (ISO VG10)
Sewing machine motor Compact AC servomotor (direct-drive system)
Power supply / Power requirement Single-phase 220V
Power consumption 590VA
Weight Machine head 54.5kg, Control box 6.5kg, Operation panel 0.65kg

*sti/min is the abbreviation for “stitches per minute”