Direct-drive, 1-needle, Lockstitch Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer
(Nipper and Automatic reverse feed device)

Enhancement of basic functions.

Product overview

Product features

  • Operation panel and control box are integrated with the machine head

    The sewing machine has been integrated with the operation panel and the control box for ease of use. All of the L-1A series adopt the direct drive system. As a result, the sewing machine starts up swiftly and promises increased stop accuracy, responsiveness. Thereby demonstrating improved thereby demonstrating improved.

Basic performance

  • Nipper device

    This device pulls the needle thread into the wrong side of the material at the beginning of sewing, thereby ensuring more beautifully-finished seams.

  • Direct-drive type

    Since the sewing machine has no V-belt, the operator needs neither to clean up shavings from the V-belt, nor adjust the V-belt tension.

  • USB port

    The L-1A series is equipped as standard with a USB port that can be used to charge smartphones, etc.

  • LED light

    The LED light is located on the underside of the arm jaw. It reduces operator fatigue and improves work efficiency. It is provided as standard for all models ofthe L-1A Series. In addition, the illuminance of the LED lights can be adjusted in three steps and can be used as an auxiliary light for work.

  • Rotary thread-trimming mechanism

    The machine adopts a single-blade drive rotary thread-trimming mechanism, so it is easy to maintain.


Model name L-1A-M L-1A-H
Application Medium-weight Heavy-weight
Max. sewing speed 5,000sti/min*


Max. stitch length 5mm
Lift of the presser foot By hand: 5.0mm / By knee: 13mm
Needle DB×1 (#14) #11-#18 DP×5 (#21) #16-#21
Lubrication Automatic
Lubricating oil JUKI MACHINE OIL 7 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
Power consumption 488VA
Power requirement Single-phase 220V/Single-phase 110V

*sti/min is the abbreviation for "stitches per minute"