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Environmental considerations in production


JUKI ECO-PRODUCTS certification markWhen the JUKI Group manufactures products, it carefully considers the environment at every stage of the product lifecycle, from material procurement, manufacture, transportation, and use to recycling and disposal.
We introduced the “JUKI ECO-PRODUCTS AUTHORIZATION SYSTEM” in March 2009, and we evaluate 38 assessment items relating to the environment at the development stage. Only the product which achieved especially-high level environmental consideration is authorized as “JUKI ECO-PRODUCT.”

Major items assessed

Material/parts procurement stage Manufacturing and logistics stage Usage stage Recycling and disposal stage
Environmental safety and maintainability Elimination and reduction of hazardous substance Reduced noise and vibration Easy separation of substances with environmental loads
Resource saving Reduction of use of raw materials Long-term usability
Use of recycled materials
Energy saving Improvement of transportation efficiency Reduction of power consumption
Reduction of consumption of consumables
Recycling  Recycling
Easy separation and segregation

JUKI ECO-PRODUCTS authorized products

JUKI ECO-PRODUCTS authorized products (PDF)

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