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GLOBAL & INNOVATIVE – Becoming a company that customers select as a solution partner

Representative Director
Chairman CEO & COO
Akira Kiyohara
Director in charge of
the Finance Department
Shinsuke Uchinashi

Launch of JUKI’s new Medium-term Management Plan under the “Growth & Transformation Plan 2025” slogan
JUKI has begun working on its new Medium-term Management Plan covering FY2025 to FY2023, the “Growth & Transformation Plan 2025.” The “Growth & Transformation Plan 2025” sets out the steps JUKI must take to achieve three structural reforms: a “Value-added Structure Reform,” a “Cost Structure Reform,” and a “Behavioral Reform.” By achieving the three reforms, we expect to realize a corporate ideal we envision for 2025. By realizing our corporate ideal, we will become a company that continues to serve customers as a solutions partner that delivers ‘good impressions’ and ‘peace of mind,’ and as a practitioner of robust ESG management that is trusted and needed by society.
Our Value-added Structure Reform will allow us to maintain and expand our customer base by helping our customers recover their businesses and reach new levels of performance as the recovery of the worldwide economy advances. We will firmly strive to build a new business model, etc. by expanding our business domains through strengthened cooperation with alliance partners. Our “Cost Structure Reform” will help us fundamentally rework our cost structure to adapt to the current business environment of rising costs for materials, fuel, and freight, and thoroughly restructure our business to enable sustainable growth. We established a Cost Structure Reform Committee this fiscal year to deliberate and discuss the restructuring of our production/logistics/procurement networks, an integration of functions at JUKI’s local offices, a streamlining of our administrative back-office departments, and other initiatives. Our “Behavioral Reform” will help us strengthen the ability of every employee to implement measures and will allow us to evolve our people and organizations by focusing on the use of diverse human resources on a global scale, the development of next-generation leaders, reskilling at every employee level, and job-based human resources management according to performance at work and job responsibilities.
To promote these three structural reforms, we will vigorously drive the “six transformations” as growth engines for change. By doing so, we will “strengthen strategies for future growth,” “build a business foundation that responds to the new normal,” and prepare for further stages of growth in the future.
※ Six transformations:Borderless X, Business Model X, SDGs Management X, R&D Model X, Work Style Reform X, Financial Position X

JUKI’s shift to a new management structure
We have adopted a new management structure that will enable us to quickly implement our growth strategy and achieve a recovery in business performance in today’s rapidly changing business environment. By having the Representative Director, Chairman and CEO concurrently serve as COO and assume CEO and COO responsibilities, we will fundamentally press forward with the structural reforms, the cornerstones of our Medium-term Management Plan, accelerate decision-making on important measures, and strengthen our ability to execute those measures. We will use market information acquired from the front-line salespeople for management, rapidly seize business opportunities, and create a management structure that is resistant to changes in market or customer needs. Meanwhile, the Director and President in charge of the Finance Department will address JUKI’s upcoming logistics reforms along with urgent issues such as our inventory reductions and the easing of our interest-bearing debt burden.

Becoming a company that customers select as a solution partner
Since its establishment in 1938, JUKI has maintained its focus on building a business based on “manufacturing (Monodzukuri)” and striving to create new value by creating and evaluating technology. The forces driving the creation of new value at JUKI are embodied by our corporate slogan, “Mind & Technology,” and our philosophy, “Customer Creed.”
Today, JUKI is powerfully advancing growth strategies and business reforms based on our long-term vision “to be a global and innovative ‘manufacturing and value-creation‘ company that survives the 21st century.”
With today’s drastic changes in the business environment surrounding the manufacturing industry, our customers are about to drastically change the ways to operate their factories in order to respond to technical innovations such as AI, IoT, and 5G and the new-normal environment.
Based on an accurate perception of these social trends, JUKI is speeding up activity to propose total solutions that integrate “equipment” and “systems” in order to realize smart factories at our customers’ manufacturing sites.
Then, as a company that can deliver “good impressions” and “peace of mind” to customers and carrying on its tradition of taking on innovative challenges without hesitation, JUKI remains a “company that customers select as a solution partner” in countries and regions around the world. JUKI also aims to be a company trusted and needed by society by practicing SDG management.

March 2023
Representative Director Chairman CEO & COO Akira Kiyohara
President and Director in charge of the Finance Department Shinsuke Uchinashi


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