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Message from top management

To a chosen solution partner

President Akira Kiyohara

JUKI has striven to create new value while putting “manufacturing” at the center of its operations since its start of business in 1938. JUKI’s technological creation and evolution are still going strong.

JUKI is driven by its “Mind & Technology” philosophy and “Customer Creed.”

JUKI is now advancing a powerful growth strategy and business reforms with the long-term vision of becoming “a global and innovative manufacturing company that survives throughout the 21st century.”

We understand that JUKI can grow itself by developing together with customers as a creator of value for customers in their manufacturing work. We will continue to offer solutions to problems in quality and productivity improvement for customers all over the world as a provider of innovative products and services.

JUKI responds rapidly and flexibly to changes in markets and customers to maintain its success as “a solution partner chosen” by customers in countries and regions all over the world. We aim to be a company that is trusted and needed by society.

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