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Medium-term Management Plan -Growth & Transformation Plan 2025-

In the Medium-term Management Plan -Growth & Transformation Plan 2025-, JUKI has set the vision for 2025 (what JUKI should aim for by 2025), “To continue to serve customers as a solutions partner that delivers ‘good impressions’ and ‘peace of mind,’ and as a practitioner of robust ESG management that is trusted and needed by society.”
The above vision is based on the long-term vision, “To be a global and creative Monodzukuri (Manufacturing) and Kotodzukuri (Value-creation) company that survives in the 21st century.”
JUKI has also defined Value-added structure reforms to maintain/expand customer base, Cost structure reforms to improve capital efficiency, and Behavioral reforms to transform people/culture as the management priorities in order to steadily implement measures based on the six transformations (6Xs).
*JUKI rolls the Medium-term Management Plan over every year based on changes in the business environment and the measures taken and sets a goal of achieving the plan by 2025.

New Medium-term Management Plan -Growth & Transformation Plan 2025-(PDF)


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