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With everybody’s life

JUKI technologies embedded in lives

JUKI has been playing an active part in society as a provider of products to manufacturers of all kinds, from the makers of fashion products such as clothes, shoes, and bags to the specialists in high-technology industrial goods equipped with precise boards.
JUKI will bring color and abundance to tomorrow as corporate network of professionals who support lives.

 Products made using Industrial Sewing Machines
 Products made using Household Sewing Machines
 Products made using Electronic Assembly Systems
 Products involved in the Group Business

With everybody’s life

Living-room products

The living room, the space where families share their time together, is full of products that JUKI has a hand in producing. JUKI technologies are useful in everyday life.

Major products manufactured by JUKI systems and machines

(1) Curtains, aprons, and cushions

Fabrics composed of two or more threads interwoven in warp-and-woof configurations form textures popularly used in curtains, aprons, and cushions. Manufacturers use sewing machines for fabrics to sew these textures.

(2) Jeans

The sewing machines mentioned just above in (1) are often the same type used to sew jeans. But most makers of jeans sew them with sewing machines exclusively designed for the purpose. The materials and designs these machines can handle are partly limited.

(3) Loungewear

Stretchy fabrics of the type often used for loungewear are created by twisting and knitting the threads in certain ways. A sewing machine for knitwear that sews two or more threads, like knitting, is used to sew stretchy fabrics.

(4) Sofas, carpets, rugs, school bags, and slippers

Leather and heavyweight textures are used for sofas, carpets, rugs, school bags, and slippers. A sewing machine exclusive for heavyweight materials (for non-apparel products) has strong needle penetration and fabric-feed force, crucial properties for sewing these heavyweight textures.

(5) Quilted tapestries

A growing number of hobbyists work with a household sewing machine to enjoy patchwork and original quilt creation. These hobbyists now create curtains, aprons, cushions, and loungewear of the types described in (1) and (3) above, choosing their favorite fabrics, sizes, and designs.

(6) Televisions, VCRs, game machines, air conditioners, tablet computers, lighting equipment, and smart speakers (equipped with the AI)

JUKI equipment (mounters, screen printers, inspection machines, etc.) is used to assemble the printed circuit boards built into these products.

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