JUKI recommended options

We introduce a high-profile options that can be used with a wide range of sewing machines to easily improve quality.


Thread Lock Preventer Base Plate

Reduced “twisting and untwisting thread” due to thread flapping! The base plate with a thread lock preventer allows you to work without loss of efficiency! For the sewing products using thick threads.

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Reinforced plastic bobbin

Fusion of function and strength. Reinforced Plastic Bobbin made in Japan with excellent durability and strength. Available in 3 colors. Convenient for control of thread size!

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Ti-Mo-N Coating Looper

Better Frictional Resistance, Better Thread Slip, New Loopers from JUKI.
Ti-Mo-N film surface treatment on the loopers provides low friction and wear resistance.Smooth thread feeding improves the quality of sewing.

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