Gauge Navigator

"I want to change the sewing item. But I don't know what parts are necessary."
Such problems can be solved with Gauge Navigator!

Gauge Navigator helps the customers who are considering changing production items in sewing factories to select appropriate replacement gauge parts.
You can search for suitable replacement parts by selecting your model, specifications and sewing items. The results of search can be saved in the my list of the WebPartsList or output as an Excel sheet.
Use Gauge Navigator for parts ordering and inquiries.
*Replacement parts can be purchased from a nearby distributor.

STEP 1: Selecting usage environment

Select in order according to your usage environment.

If you want to redo the operation, click the "Clear" button.

STEP 2: Narrowing down further

Please select the desired condition of the items displayed compared to the standard gauge (factory default).You can also choose to 'Skip' without entering any information.
Furthermore, you can also return later after viewing the results.

Factory-default gauge parts

The parts that come with your model from the factory are listed here.

Scroll through the table.

Candidate gauge parts

Candidates for replacement gauge parts that meet your requirements will be displayed here.

•View Drawings
Mark the checkbox of "Drawing" and then click the "View Drawing" button, and you can check the shape and size.

•Add to My List
We recommend adding the selected parts to the my list for storage.
Parts added to the my list can be checked for price and availability, and can also be exported to Excel.
To add a part to the my list, simply turn on the 'My List' checkbox for the desired part and then press the 'Add to My List' button.
Please note that membership registration (Free Membership) is required to use the my list. Please click here for details.

Scroll through the table.

*To use the my list, membership registration (free membership) is required.