Support for apparel production plant advancement overseas

JUKI offers support for the advancement overseas of apparel production plants.

With our global network and experience, JUKI offers optimal support for your advancement overseas as your business grows.
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If you have concerns like below in advancement overseas:

Then, JUKI can address all of these concerns!

Features of JUKI's support for advancement overseas

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JUKI has a number of business offices in Asia.

Support in local languages is available for customers in Japan, China, and Taiwan.

Target countries
Local staff provides optimized support.

Major target countries

India, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Jakarta
Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thai, Pakistan, Bangladesh
Vietnam, Madagascar, Myanmar, Jordan, UAE (Middle East), etc.
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JUKI has rich experience in advancement overseas.

For advancement overseas of production plants, it requires extensive preparation.

Rely on JUKI for field research, advancement plan development, production line design, education and training!

JUKI has rich achievements, especially in development of advancement plans and production line design.
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Advancement overseas plan

Plant design / Production facility design

Plant floor layout proposal
Sawing machine proposal

JUKI aims to be your partner to grow with your business.

JUKI Asia Global Sales Headquarter promises a proposal to improve your production, by ensuring optimal communication with the customer and strive to understand the nature of the customer needs.
JUKI aims to enhance collaboration with the customer and to become a partner that enables mutual growth.

Commitment to the customer

  • JUKI aims to establish better relationship through direct communication with the customer
  • JUKI repeats the 'realize and learn' process for the customer requirements, and offers proposals for valuable differentiation
  • JUKI contributes to the customer innovation through innovative technologies and system proposals
  • JUKI promises post-sales support and part supply, utilizing one of the world's largest number of business offices and widest agency network
  • JUKI support to the customer's local staff training

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