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Plant Design

Are you planning to build a new factory, extend an existing factory and lines, or switching production items?
JUKI provides a service to help customers build optimized lines by estimating production facilities, target production quantity, and the required number of operators.
Take advantage of JUKI's plant design service to build your optimized lines.

Case Studies

I want a line capable to manufacture 2,000 pairs of trousers.
Can you provide an estimate?

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Can you provide an estimate based on our actual production item samples?

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Case Study 1: Estimate according to the target items and production status

Estimates below are available according to the customer's target items and production status:

Estimate details
1. Basic Data: Target production quantity per day, factory operation time, number of operators
2. Facility List: Model names, number of sewing machines
3. Process Analysis Sheet: Process names, process time, production quantity per day of each line
4. Floor Layout: Machine layout, product flow, sizes of lines/factory

1. Basic Data

2. Facility List

The list contains the production facilities optimized for the customer's production items. The required number of sewing machines are calculated from the target production quality per day or the number of operators to hire.

3. Process Analysis Sheet

Calculated items include required facilities, attachments, process time, and daily output in all processes required to manufacture the customer's production items

4. Floor Layout Diagram

Based on the facilities estimated above, the diagram shows the facility layout.
It can be used to determine if the site can hold the facilities by estimating the factory/line areas.

Case Study 2: Estimate based on the actual production item samples

Please send your production item samples and request an estimate based on the production processes of the items. The estimate is provided in the same manner as described above.
For a jacket, for example, the estimate elements includes the label shape, the number of sleeve buttons, vent type, facing shape, presence/absence of lining.
By designing the line for the most difficult item among your production items, JUKI can offer a proposal capable of manufacturing other easier items.

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