Thread Lock Preventer Base Plate

Groove part Thread Lock Preventer Base Plate Thread Groove

Reduced “twisting and untwisting thread” due to thread flapping!
The base plate with a thread lock preventer allows you to work without loss of efficiency!

Thread Groove Put the thread into the cone from the top. The thread is stabilized by the thread groove. I see, a little difference creates ease of use!

Use this base plate with a
thread lock preventer to reduce
“twisting and untwisting thread”
caused by thread flapping!

  • car seats
  • furniture
  • handbags etc.

For the sewing products using thick threads

[Recommended models]LU series & AMS series

Thread Lock Preventer Base Plate

Thread Lock Preventer Base Plate (Option) Thread Groove Groove part Base Plate(Standard)

Model name 40205645

  • Made of vinyl chloride
  • H140mm×W140mm、D2mm
  • Recommended Size of thread:69、138、192、207、277、300

Trouble example

Thread twist Thread untwist

Such troubles are
greatly reduced!

By adding a thread groove to the base plate, the thread can be fed out from under the cone. “Thread twist” and “thread return” caused by thread flapping are reduced, allowing you to continue working without stopping. Furthermore, since there is no spool rest arm, the area around the thread stand looks neat and beautiful.

Put the thread inside the cone from the top, pass it through to the bottom, and use it by pulling it out from the thread groove of the base plate. The thread can be stabilized by passing through the narrow groove.

Wasted time due to trouble is reduced!
Good High Bad Low

If you use a cone lower than the spool rest rod, the thread will get entangled in the rod. Make sure to use a cone higher than the spool rest rod.

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