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For Apparel

1-needle, Lockstitch Machine

2-needle, Lockstitch Machine

Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine

Zigzag Stitching Machine

Coverstitch Machine

Double Chainstitch Machine

Pinpoint Sewing Machine

1 Needle, Basting Machine

Button Sewing Machine

Buttonholing Machine

Bartacking Machine

Snap Machine

Pattern Stitching Machine

Automatic Machine


For Non-apparel

Bartacking Machine

Pattern Stitching Machine

Automatic Machine


Flat-bed Sewing Machine

Cylinder-bed Sewing Machine

Post-bed Sewing Machine

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Control Box



Operation Panel


    • Dust-proof cooling fan motor replacement measures against oil splashes

    • Change of X/Y feed origin sensors

    • Change of RFID mounting height

    • Precautions when connecting a standing pedal

    • Change of the method to fix the throat plate base

    • Regarding the design change of the oil pan of the lockstitch machine

    • About the part No. settings of the X/Y timing belt

    • Correction of incorrect descriptions (bobbin winder unit)

    • Precautions when replacing the lower shaft

    • Shape change of the hook blade point

    • Configuration change of feed bracket

    • Addition of the connecting plate for the motor cover

    • Software revision

    • Changing the plate thickness of the clamp spring

    • Modification of dust sucking box and related description in instruction manual

    • Organ HA x 1 needle package change

    • About the applicable hook

    • Notice of changes to the structure and lubrication route of the dustproof rubber case

    • New release of the suction device

    • Change of software for SC952 CTL board assembly and readjustment of tension

    • Notice of the part No. of conversion kit

    • About pasting the sticker of JUKI INTERNATIONAL

    • List of shipping gauges

    • Modification guide (Difference in the installed parts)

    • How to reduce the tension of bobbin thread feeding when using thick threads

    • Settings check when mounting the panel

    • Announcement of provision of new part No. to optional moving knife supporting nit

    • Addition of a new type to the polo shirt placket automatic machine (loader type)

    • List of modified parts for polo shirt placket automatic machine (cassette type)

    • Regarding changes in the packaged contents of electrical components

    • Introduction to the step gauge 1.5mm

    • Regarding changes in the packaged contents of electrical components

    • Change of arm shape (discontinuation of the unnecessary hole)

    • Change on the table drawing to match the hole size of the machine head support rod

    • New assignment of part No. to the driver (assembly) made in Taiwan

    • Changes in feeding-related components

    • Change of indication symbol (for CE only)

    • Change of MAIN board assemblies

    • New release of upper key looper

    • Regarding the change of panel CPU due to difficulty in procuring the panel board

    • White screw cap on the machine head

    • Increased rigidity of T0-41S moving knife

    • New release of relay cord (assembly) for connecting the standing pedal PK-70 and precautions for connection

    • Change of needle bar rocking base (assembly) and needle bar

    • Change of the roller arm for thread trimmer cam

    • New assignment of set part No. to cloth trimming motor

    • Changing the plate thickness of the clamp spring

    • Shape change of moving knife for rotary knife

    • Change of accessories contents

    • Changes in parts related to MF-7900D-H22/H23 ASSY_UPPER_KNIFE_HOLDER, and HEM_GUIDE

    • Setting of a new assembly part No. (ASSY_UPPER_KNIFE_HOLDER)

    • Color change of J39 header connector on INT board assembly (40179821)

    • Change of main shaft motor in JIN M1 series

    • Release of optional oil splash prevention part

    • Changes in the parts of suction device (for quality improvement)

    • Change in the presser edge width of G type machine head for LH-3500A and LH-4500C at the time of shipment

    • Change of accessories contents

    • Material change to increase the life of rotating gear

    • Notice on changes in the super short thread kit part No. and related parts

    • Change in the upper shaft

    • Change of the hook adjustment timing gauge for PS-800

    • Change of lower shaft set collar for LU-2800 Series and PLC-2700 Series and expanded use to LH-4500C

    • Release of new optional component (spreading knife for wooly thread)

    • Change in the shape of the large thread eyelet

    • Notification regarding part No. settings of the membrane switch

    • Notification of switching to an incompatible panel board

    • Change of the operation panel

    • Commonization of tables with table stands

    • Incorrect part Nos. of parts for sewing with thick thread in the catalog

    • Addition of J mark to the hooks of PS series

    • Changed the ball screw couplings made of high-strength materials.

    • Replenishment of grease when delivering a product from long-term stock

    • Installing the protection part to the bobbin winder

    • Regarding substitute PCBs (compatible PCBs)

    • Points to note regarding panel board changes

    • About the parts supporting thick threads such as for airbags (improvement and change of some parts)

    • Notice of board change and compatibility between old and new products

    • Manufacturer change of X-axis motor, Y-axis motor, and presser motor

    • Part No. information on the mounting jig

    • Changing the fulcrum shaft part of the electromagnetic presser lifter lever

    • Change of PCB assembly part Nos.

    • Countermeasures against unstable hook lubrication

    • Change of PCB assembly part Nos.

    • Change of PCB assembly part Nos.

    • Change of PCB assembly part Nos.

    • Introduction of a substitute product accompanying discontinuation of the operation panel (Replacement to IP-420Z)

    • Unification of cassette clamp system

    • About the difference in part material depending on the destination

    • Name change of AK device

    • Notification of active tension (AT) solenoid change

    • How to strengthen the clutch of cloth puller roller

    • Change of the needle bar guide

    • Compatibility in combination of stator and encoder for main motor

    • New provision of walking bar guide spacer for prevention of contact with top feed guide

    • Change of PCB assembly part Nos.

    • Differences between two large hooks, Sabun hook and Hirose hook

    • About the applicable hook

    • New assignment of part No. to the encoder disk

    • Changing of thread trimmer cam

    • New provision of counter knife reinforcing plate

    • New release of custom hook

    • Information on newly set assembly part Nos. of spare PCBs

    • Cautions when ordering a thread path bushing for resinified thread take-up lever

    • Shape change of PS800 intermediate presser

    • Information on shipping gauges

    • Assignment of new part Nos. to the spare PCB assemblies and power supply switches

    • Change of SDC board part No. (excluding for CE)

    • Change of LED reverse feed switch (assembly)

    • New provision of timing gauge

    • Change of stepping motors and encoder relay cables

    • Addition of retrofit AK (auto-lifter) device

    • Release of optional oil splash prevention part

    • Notification of high durability X sensor cable assembly

    • New provision of high durability presser foot

    • Additional registration of spare parts

    • Cautions when mounting AK-85B

    • Information on the lineup of work attachments

    • Notice of partial modification of hook shape

    • Information on addition of DIGITAL_EDGE_GUIDE_ALL_ASM (NR)

    • Information on expanded moving knife lineup to lengthen bobbin thread in AMS-EN series

    • Notice of the assembly part No. of BK-7 (automatic bobbin changer)

    • Release of optional device kits

    • Added dust prevention cover to power switch

    • Document for Button sewing clamp kit

    • Differences in the components of thread trimming mechanism due to the type

    • Part No. Change of Wiper Assembly

    • Changing the Shape of the Slide Block Pin

    • Correction of Part No. and Addition of New Spare Part

    • Change of the Rule Lock Seat

    • Change of the MAIN PCB Part No.

    • Assignment of new part numbers to the horizontal feed rod (assembly) and the upper feed cam (assembly)

    • Change of the bound printed documents to the web documents

    • Addition of multi-layered part detection option for DDL-9000CS

    • Changing the part number of the lifting lever

    • Stabilizing the sewing by improving the rigidity of the presser

    • Composition list for electric box

    • LK-1900B Series : List of Options

    • Change in the Thread Guide

    • Changing the PANEL Board Assembly

    • Part Nos. of super short thread remaining kit and related parts used for DDL-9000C/DDL-900BB

    • Change of the LOWER PLATES of the AMS-210EN1306/1510 to be shipped

    • Radiator fan for oil cooling released

    • Action due to discontinuance of lower knife driving air cylinder

    • Components for Mounting the Synchronizer (Detector)

    • Change of Electrical Box Part No.

    • Change of the hook

    • Changing the wall thickness of the needle eyelet guide B

    • Change of the fixed knife shape and release of a fixed knife adjustment gauge

    • New part for MF-7500

    • Information on component structure change due to change of T040 (automatic thread trimming device) thread hole sensor

    • Measures to prevent oil leakage

    • Addition of modification kits between semi-sunken type and fully-sunken type

    • MU-01: Information on part change of trimmer part

    • Addition of throat plate for prevention of stitch skipping

    • Addition of a relay connector of the solenoid valve

    • Substitute part No. of the CPU board

    • Information for new part:LU-2828

    • Change of parts

    • Change of cloth cutting knife base

    • Addition of a new tape feed roller

    • Release notification of bobbin thread clamp plate

    • Retrofitting of the auto-lifter for LU-2810 and LU-2860

    • Change of the knife-related parts

    • Change of the standard components

    • Measures against clamp base screw looseness

    • Assignment of a new kit part No. to the knee lifter kit

    • 【New Release】 Addition of a presser foot pressure fine adjustment spring as an option

    • List of PCB-related changes

    • Addition of low-pressure type presser adjustment screw

    • Change in the center knife cylinder for APW-895,895L and 896.

    • Changing the turning origin sensor and the cloth trimming origin sensor for the MEB-3200

    • Notification of change in the color connectors

    • The air-cylinder-related parts in the shorter thread remaining thread trimming mechanism

    • Changing the Thread Tension Controller Assembly of the LU-2800 Series

    • Changes around the thread take-up lever in the AMS-210EN and AMS-221EN Series

    • Note when additionally purchasing IP-420

    • Option setting of carrier sub table kit for LBH-1796

    • Optional Gauge Added to the LBH-1790AB

    • LBH-1796A: Newly-developed a feed auxiliary sheet

    • List of Gauges for LBH-1790A Series

    • Change of IP-420 Parts (Cautions for Ordering Parts)

    • AT-45 TAPE Cutter Device (for LH4578CF/SC956)

    • Change of X/Y feed origin sensors