Direct-drive, High-speed, Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine

The sewing machine is a direct drive type in which a control box and an operation panel are integrated with the machine head.
The machine achieves a practical maximum sewing speed of 7,000sti/min.

Product overview

Product features

  • Automatic thread trimmer with a material sensor

    The M900/DJ Series of sewing machine is provided as standard with the side cutter with 2-point material sensor (DJ21,22) and the Chain-off the thread trimming device with a 3-point material sensor (DJ23). Under the full-automatic mode, the material sensor detects the presence / absence of the material to prevent the operator from  erroneously operate the side cutter etc. In addition to the full-automatic mode, the manual mode and the semi-automatic mode can be selected.

  • Smart Devices

    The cover sensor unit and cover microswitch unit
    The cover sensor unit and cover microswitch unit that detect 1, 2 and 3 (shown below) are closed tightly during sewing, thereby preventing the sewing machine from starting up unexpectedly.

  • Operation panel and control box are integrated with the machine head

    The energy-saving and highly efficient servomotor is installed in the direct-drive style.
    The sewing machine quick lystarts up and stops with increased accuracy, thereby demonstrating improved responsiveness.

    USB port
    The USB port is standard on the control panel and You can easily upgrade the software.
    The M900/DJ has another one USB port for charging a smartphone, etc.



  • Operator fatigue reduction ( LED light )
    Standard equipment with all series

    For the LED light, the improved toning function with two additional colors (white / light bulb color) is provided. Illuminance of the LED light is adjustable in five levels.
    This LED light helps reduce the operator’s eye fatigue who is engaged in sewing work for a long time.