Joint development of new “tapeless” zipper AiryString™ and dedicated sewing machine by JUKI Corporation and YKK Corporation

JUKI Corporation (Head office: Tama City, Tokyo, President: Akira Kiyohara, hereinafter “JUKI”) and YKK Corporation (Head office: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, President: Hiroaki Otani, hereinafter “YKK”) began the joint development of sewing machines and fastening products that utilize the technologies and knowledge possessed by both companies starting in January 2017.

The two companies announce that they have jointly developed a new tapeless zipper, “AiryString™” and the dedicated machine that sews the zipper to cloth.

(1)Features of “AiryString™”

By eliminating the zipper tape, the final garment is lighter and softer, and opening and closing the zipper is easier. The tapeless zipper becomes one with the cloth, opening new design possibilities by accentuating the zipper and stitches in different color combinations. Since the elements are sewn directly to the fabric when sewing, it is possible to simplify the sewing process by eliminating the stitching process that was conventionally required.

(2)Features of the dedicated sewing machines

The dedicated sewing machine aligns the elements with the cloth and sews with zigzag stitching. JUKI designed the dedicated machine by refining the design of an electronic zigzag stitch sewing machine and adding new parts and functions, including a mechanism to synchronize an element with the cloth and then feeding the cloth perfectly. The operator uses the stitch control panel to set the appropriate feed and stitch pitch according to the kind of cloth. The dedicated sewing machine will be manufactured by JUKI and can be leased to companies that use YKK® “AiryString™” zippers.

JUKI and YKK will continue to work together to contribute to the sewing industry.