JUKI makes an equity participation in ESSEGI AUTOMATION S.r.l.

At July-31-2019, the JUKI Corporation (headquarters: Tsurumaki 2-11-1, Tama, Tokyo / President: Akira Kiyohara / called as “JUKI” hereafter), ESSEGI AUTOMATION S.r.l. (headquarters: Vicenza, Italy / CEO: Matteo Padoan / called as “EA” hereafter) which runs the intelligent storage solution business, and the equity holders of EA agreed that JUKI will obtain 49% of entire equity of EA to form a joint venture of intelligent storage solution business.
JUKI and EA (including ESSEGI SYSTEM SERVICE S.r.l., (“ESS”) from which EA has demerged from) have been collaborating with the sales, servicing, and manufacturing activities of the intelligent storage solution business. This time, through this joint venture, JUKI and EA will integrate and harmonize the technologies and resources (including the resources for R&D, Planning and Sales) of both parties to jointly expand and promote the intelligent storage business which is drastically growing. The goal of this joint venture is the accelerated realization of “Entire SMT-Plant automation” combined with JUKI’s SMT-mounter, Optical-Inspector, Solder-paste-printer, Assembly-robot, Automatic-parts-carrier with ICT technology.

(1)Process of acquisition

-Execution Date of Agreement



Sep-5-2019 (planned)
->JUKI purchase 46.399% by purchase of equity
Sep-End-2019 (planned)
->JUKI purchase 2.601% by subscription of new equity

-Final ratio of Equity

G.B.P.S.r.l.       51%
JUKI Corporation     49%

(2)Outline of ESSEGI AUTOMATION S.r.l.


It is established by demerger of the intelligent storage business entity
out of ESS (since March-18-1997)


Via della Tecnica n.33, Sovizzo, Vicenza, Italy


Matteo Padoan

(3)Collaboration History between ESS and JUKI


JUKI started distribution of the intelligent storage system in North / South America and Europe.


JUKI started distribution of the intelligent storage system in Japan
under the exclusive distributorship granted by ESS.


JUKI started licensed production and distribution of the intelligent
storage system in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand
under the exclusive production and sales right granted by ESS.