3D solder paste inspection machine (SPI)
3D board visual inspection machine (AOI)

Realizing further high accuracy and high speed
Next generation of 3D-AOI Inspection machine

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  • Realizing of speeding up by latest 3D unit. Achieving of 0.41 sec / FOV and 34% improvement comparing with previous model.
  • Height resolution 0.1 μm, Repeatability 10 μm *Realizing of significant precision improvement.
    With new technology development, acquire clear and high-precision 3D image.
  • In addition to the previous 2D template and process mode, added newly 3D template mode.
    Furthermore, developping of new algorithm for fillet inspection.

*0402 chip


Model name RV-2-3D
PWB size 50mm×50mm – 410mm×300mm
50mm×50mm – 630mm×300mm (longer sized PWB)*
FOV(optimum) P-3D AOI 0.41s / frame
Inspection resolution 15μm (Standard resloution), 10μm(High resolution)*
Inspection resolution 15μm ( Standard resloution ), 10μm ( High resolution )*
Item of inspection Missing component,Position displacement, Polarity, Front/rear reversal, Unsoldered,Bridge, Quantity of solder, Lack of insertion component, Character recognition*

* This function is supported with an option.