Proposal of optional items exclusively for PS-800 to further improve productivity and sewing quality

Your Ingenuity creates opportunities for Automation. PS-800 Series, the dry head machine achieves max. speed 3,000sti/min with supporting various sewing and materials. We have prepared a lineup of 13 options to strongly support your production.


Active tension device

The active tension device can change the needle thread tension electrically. For the needle thread tension setting linked to the thickness of the cloth and the thread tension setting that changes according to the sewing direction, it is possible to input the tension value for each stitch from the panel.

BK-8 BK-8 Bobbin changer device

BK-8 The BK-8 bobbin changer device automatically changes pre-set bobbin cases, saving operators the trouble of changing bobbins and increasing the production efficiency.

Plastic bobbin

Plastic bobbins are lighter than aluminum or steel,which reduces thread bending after intermittent stitching and thread trimming. In addition, the needle thread tension at the beginning of sewing is also reduced, making stitching more stable. Furthermore, there is almost no rubbing inside the bobbin case, so it is as durable as aluminum or iron. A total of 3 colors are available, which is useful when managing the yarn count.

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