JUKI's Optional Parts

We introduce various optional parts and devices that can be retrofitted to your sewing equipment. We can help you improve quality, productivity, and safety, or switch production items. Please feel free to contact us here to consult about your selection of options or any other issues you may have.


DLC hook

DLC coating extends the life of the hook and reduces oil stains on sewing materials! What is DLC? DLC is an abbreviation for Diamond-Like Carbon, which is a hard coating that has properties similar to diamond and is mainly composed of hydrocarbon. By coating the surface of the material with a thin film of DLC, new properties such as hardness, lubricity, and wear resistance can be given.

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DDL-9000C Series Optional products

The product lineup has been renewed! Proposing Optional DDL-9000C Items that further improve productivity and sewing quality.

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Thread Lock Preventer Base Plate

Reduced “twisting and untwisting thread” due to thread flapping! The base plate with a thread lock preventer allows you to work without loss of efficiency! For the sewing products using thick threads such as car seats, furniture, handbags, etc.

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