Dog ear prevention device for MOL-254
By preventing the belt loop folded portion from protruding, it can be sewn neatly and cut short without waste!


New dog ear prevention device

Presser foot

The presser foot has a tongue that holds the side of the belt loop. It holds securely even after the fork comes out and prevents dog ears. The tongue can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.

Fork mechanism

The tip of the fork is now openable and can accommodate a wide range of belt loop thicknesses.

Fullness mechanism

The holding of the belt loop at the fullness part has been changed from a spring type to a plate type, and it can be held securely on the entire surface. It securely holds the entire belt loop even when the fullness is not in use.

Lower plate

Previously, it was necessary to replace the lower plate when the belt loop length was changed. By making it adjustable, you can now change the belt loop length without changing the lower plate, reducing the setup time.

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