PS-900/910 Series Optional products

  • PS-900-13090
  • PS-910-13090
  • PS-910-6055

Target Models

  • PS-900-13090
    (Needle bar rotating type)
  • PS-910-13090
    (Machine head rotating type)
  • PS-910-6055
    (Machine head rotating type)

①BK-10 Bobbin changer device

  • Productivity improvement
  • Safety improvement

Part Number: 40270689

BK-10 Bobbin changer device automatically changes pre-set bobbin cases, saving operators the trouble of changing bobbins and increasing the production efficiency. Up to 7 spare bobbins can be set in the cassette.

●One cassette for BK-10 is included. If you need more, arrange the cassette: 40207417.
●The bobbin case is not included. Arrange the standard bobbin case: 40225489.

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  • BK-10 Bobbin changer device
  • BK-10 Bobbin changer device

②Barcode reader

  • Productivity improvement
  • Safety improvement

Part Number: 40270709 (PS-900-13090)
40289310 (PS-910-13090 / 6055)

The barcode reader can read the barcode pasted on the specified position of the template and call the sewing data of the template. Therefore, it is possible to eliminate human error such as erroneous recall of sewing data.
Retrofitting is required if the country is not RFID certified.

Barcode reader

③Needle thread clamp unit

  • Quality improvement
  • Productivity improvement

Part Number: 440289313

The needle thread clamp unit prevents the needle thread and bobbin thread from becoming entangled at the start of the next sewing by grasping the tip of the needle thread after thread trimming, resulting in beautiful seams from the beginning.

Needle thread clamp unit

④Pen stick asm.

  • Quality improvement
  • Productivity improvement

Part Number: 440270708 (Except for China)
40270707 (China)

The pen stick asm. is a device that writes the sewing standard on the sewing material with a pen using the XY feeding mechanism. It can also be used for positioning in the next process.

Pen stick asm.

⑤Thread trimming drive cylinder unit

  • Quality improvement
  • Productivity improvement

Part Number: 440291740

The thread trimming drive cylinder unit can perform stable thread trimming when trimming thick threads while sewing thick materials.
This prevents the problem of a thick thread getting caught between the moving knife and the counter knife, which prevents the moving knife from returning.

Thread trimming drive cylinder unit

⑥Thick material kit (For PS-900)

  • Quality improvement

Part Number: 440270717

The thick material kit is a gauge parts set for thick material sewing exclusively for PS-900. The set includes intermediate presser D=2.7, needle hole guide D=3.0, counter knife (thick), and hook (thick). It is required when changing to H Spec.

Thick material kit (For PS-900)

⑦Needle bar H (For PS-900)

  • Quality improvement

Part Number: 440266167

The needle bar H is used when using a DP×5 needle with PS-900. When sewing thick materials with PS-900, use it together with ⑥ Thick material kit (For PS-900).

Needle bar H (For PS-900)

⑧Auxiliary presser unit

  • Quality improvement

Part Number: 440289312

The auxiliary presser unit is effective in suppressing material flapping by pressing the template with the auxiliary presser, and preventing defects such as material misalignment and stitch skipping.

●PS-900-13090 and PS910-13090 are equipped as standard.

Auxiliary presser unit

⑨Plastic bobbin

  • Quality improvement
  • Productivity improvement

Part Number: 440244784 (Blue), 40245125 (Red), 
40245137 (Yellow)

Plastic bobbins are lighter than aluminum or steel, which reduces thread bending after intermittent stitching and thread trimming. In addition, the needle thread tension at the beginning of sewing is also reduced, making stitching more stable.
Furthermore, there is almost no rubbing inside the bobbin case, so it is as durable as aluminum or iron. A total of 3 colors are available, which is useful when managing the yarn count.

●Available only for S Spec.

Plastic bobbin

⑩Needle guard hook

  • Quality improvement
  • Productivity improvement

Part Number: 440273423

The needle guard hook maintains a constant gap between the needle and the hook blade point at the needle entry, preventing stitch skipping. Further-more, since it prevents the hook blade point from coming into contact with the needle, it can also be expected to extend the life of the hook blade point.

●Applicable needle size #7 to #10

Needle guard hook

Compatibility table

No. Part Name Part Number PS-900-13090 PS-910-13090 PS-910-6055
S Spec Laser S Spec Laser H Spec A Spec
1 BK-10
Bobbin changer device
2 Barcode reader For PS-900 40270709 - - - -
For PS-910 40289310 - -
3 Needle thread clamp unit 40289313 - -
4 Pen stick asm. Except for China 40270708 - - - -
China 40270707 - - - -
5 Thread trimming drive cylinder unit 40291740 - - - -
6 Thick material kit
(For PS-900)
40270717 - - - -
7 Needle bar H (For PS-900) 40266167 - - - -
8 Auxiliary presser unit 40289312
9 Plastic bobbin Blue 40244784 - -
Red 40245125
Yellow 40245137
10 Needle guard hook 40273423 - -

Options marked with ★ are equipped as standard.

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CartPart No.Description
40270689BK-10 Bobbin changer device
40270709Barcode reader For PS-900
40289310Barcode reader For PS-910
40289313Needle thread clamp unit
40270708Pen stick asm. Except for China
40270707Pen stick asm. For China
40291740Thread trimming drive cylinder unit
40270717Thick material kit (For PS-900)
40266167Needle bar H (For PS-900)
40289312Auxiliary presser unit
40244784Plastic bobbin (Blue)
40245125Plastic bobbin (Red)
40245137Plastic bobbin (Yellow)
40273423Needle guard hook

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