Semi-dry Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine (with automatic thread trimmer)

Maximum sewing speed is increased.
This sewing machine is best-suited to the sewing of multi-layered materials and rigid materials for car seats, air bags and furniture.

Product features

  • Maximum sewing speed is increased

    Increased maximum sewing speed of 3,800 sti/min* (LU-2810ESAL-7, 2.0 fold-capacity hook) and 3,500 sti/min* (LU-2818ESAL-7 and LU-2828ESA-7, 2.7-fold-capacity hook) is achieved.
    These models of sewing machines demonstrate increased productivity particularly when sewing long materials.
    *The maximum sewing speed varies depending on sewing conditions.

  • Long-pitch type 
    (LU-2810ESAL-7 <2.0 Fold-Capacity Hook>
    LU-2818ESAL-7 <2.7 Fold-Capacity Hook>)

    Long pitch sewing is suitable for decoration sewing of furniture etc.The maximum stitch length is 12mm at the pitch dial.

  • Needle thread roll-in and shorter - thread remaining type
    (LU-2828ESA-7 <2.7 Fold-Capacity Hook>)

    The shorter-thread remaining type LU-2828ESA-7 is a high-performance sewing machine. It leaves a shorter thread on the material at the beginning of sewing by means of the needle thread clamp device, as well as at the end of sewing by means of the thread trimmer which is provided with a shorter-thread remaining function. This means that manual thread nipping both at the beginning and at the end of sewing is no longer required, thereby helping reduce operator fatigue. Thanks to the adoption of a 2.7-fold hook, the frequency of bobbin thread changing is reduced and workability is improved.

    The shorter-thread trimming mechanism (needle thread roll-in and shorter-thread remaining type)

    The thread trimming mechanism has been completely renewed. The industry's shortest remaining thread length achieved by trimming the thread close to the fixed knife at the last stitch (condensed stitch).
    (The length of remaining needle thread is 5mm)


Model name LU-2810ESAL-7 LU-2818ESAL-7 LU-2828ESA-7
Type High-speed, 1-needle,
with automatic thread trimmer (2.0 Fold-Capacity Hook / long-pitch type)
High-speed, 1-needle,
with automatic thread trimmer (2.7 Fold-Capacity Hook / long-pitch type)
High-speed, 1-needle,
with automatic thread trimmer (2.7 Fold-Capacity Hook / shorter - thread remaining type)
Max. sewing speed 3,800sti/min* 3,500sti/min*
Max. stitch length 12mm 9mm
Stitch length dial 2 pitch dial
Presser foot Auto: 20mm, By hand: 10mm
Auto lifter Provide as standard
Alternating vertical movement 1~9mm
Alternating vertical movement adjusting method Large dial
DL device Provide as standard
Needle thread tension Single/Double-tension
Bottom-feed micro-adjustment mechanism Provided as standard
Hook Vertical axis 2.0 fold-capacity hook Vertical axis 2.7 fold-capacity hook
Needle 135×17 Nm160
Thread #30~#0, Nm=60/3~9/3
Lubrication Semi-dry head automatic (Tank system)
One-touch type reverse feed switch Provide as standard
Hand switch Multi-functional 6-string switch
Safety mechanism Provided as standard (reset with the push of a button)
Machine head weight 66kg
Control box SC-923

*"sti/min" stands for "Stitches per Minute."

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