Computer-controlled, High-speed Shape-tacking Machine
[Sewing area: 60mm(L)×100mm(W) ]

Pursuing both the high productivity and excellent operability.

Product features

  • Higher productivity

    The sewing speed of 2,500 sti/min is the fastest-level sewing speed among the shape-tacking machines. The sewing machine has adopted a semi-rotary two-fold capacity hook.
    In addition, the sewing machine comes with enhanced functions such as the feeding frame with a higher lift and the direct-drive machine head that provides excellent responsiveness and stop accuracy support the machine’s high-speed performance, thereby achieving increased productivity.

  • Main applications

    This sewing machine can be used for a broad range of sewing such as attaching small parts, ruffling curtains and attaching labels.

  • Intermediate presser that securely clamps the material (LK-1920)

    The machine is provided as standard with an intermediate presser to prevent the material from flopping,thereby promising beautiful seams. Since height and stroke of the intermediate presser can be adjusted, quick responsiveness to changes in material thick or th number of layers materials is ensured.

  • Function-rich easy-to-use operation panel

    • Functions such as the sewing speed and bobbin thread counter can be easily set on the operation panel by entering desired setting values. Cycle sewing that combines patterns can be registered. In addition, the automatic correction function eliminates distortion of a pattern when enlarging or reducing it.
    • Standard sewing patterns can be assigned to pattern keys P1 to P50. Any of the sewing patterns assigned to the P1 to P25 pattern keys can be activated with a touch of the corresponding key.
      This means that workability is improved by assigning 25 sewing patterns that are most frequently used to those pattern keys.
    • As many as 99 different cycle sewing patterns, each of which combines a maximum of 99 different sewing patterns, can be stored in the memory.

  • Programming software for 
    computer-controlled sewing machinesOption

    Use the pattern creation software PM-1 (separately available) to create pattern data. With  the PM-1, data can be created with ease using the general-purpose personal computer.

Basic performance

  • The maximam sewing speed of 2,500 sti/min is achieved

    The sewing machine achieves the highest-level sewing speed, 2,500sti/min, among shape-tacking machines, contributing to the achievement of shortened cycle time.

  • Frequency of bobbin thread changing is decreased

    The sewing machine is provided as standard with a semi-rotary, two-fold capacity hook.
    As a result, the frequency of handsome replacement of bobbin thread is decreased.
    In addition, this hook allows the sewing machine to demonstrate its capability of sewing with thick thread.

  • Sewing capability is improved

    The range of applicable count of thread is widened to improve responsiveness to the sewing of heavy-weight materials. This improvement contributes to the enhancement of sewing capability.
    The sewing machine comes in two different types, i.e. the midium-weight materials sewing type (S) and the heavy-weight materials sewing type (H). You may select either one according to the application.

  • Sewing area that supports a broad range of applications

    The sewing machine is provided with a wide sewing area of 60mm (length) × 100mm (width). As a result, the sewing machine responds to a wider range of applications such as attaching name labels and small parts, ruffling curtains, sewing ends of jeans belts and attaching labels.

  • The feeding frame type can be selected to match the use of the machine in your work

    Two different feeding frame types are available, i.e., the monolithic type (electromagnet-driven) and the separately-driven type (pneumatically-driven) that has separate right and left frames. You may select the best-suited type of the feeding frame according to the application and work.
    *The monolithic type (electromagnet-driven) is provided with the manual pedal that allows the feeding frame to be lifted/lowered according to how the pedal is depressed.


Model name LK-1910 LK-1920
Application Medium-weight Heavy-weight Medium-weight Heavy-weight
Max.sewing speed 2,500 sti/min* (when stitch length is 3mm or less)
Sewing area 60mm (L) × 100mm (W)
Stitch length 0.1mm~10mm (0.1mm step)
Needle bar stroke 41.2mm
Lift of the feeding frame Max. 22mm (electromagnetic) / Max. 25mm (pneumatic)
Lift of the intermediate presser - 18mm
Strock of the intermediate presser - Standard 4mm (0mm and 4mm~10mm)
Needle  DP×5 (#14) DP×17 (#18) DP×5 (#14) DP×17 (#18)
Hook Double-capacity shuttle hook
Feed motion work clamp foot Max.20,000 stitches
Standard sewing patterns No.50, No.51, No.52
Number of patterns that can be input 200 patterns
Enlarging / Reducing facility 20~200% (1% step), (by increasing the stitch length)
Bobbin thread counter Provided as standard (Up / down method)
Memory medium Memory /EEP-ROM
Lubricating oil JUKI New Defrix Oil No.2 (equivalent to ISO VG32)
Sewing machine motor AC servomotor (direct-drive system)
Power consumption Single - phase, 3 - phase 200~240V / 380VA
Weight Machine head (include motor) 46kg, control box 5kg

*sti/min is the abbreviation for "stitches per minute"

When you place orders



(FOR LK-1920 ONLY)
- P/N Remarks P/N Remarks P/N P/N Remarks
B2426284M00 A=1.6 B=2.6 With relief slit
S type Standard
B1601210D00A A=2.2 B=3.6 C=38.5
S/H type Standard
Intermediate presser A
B50192220B0 14103253 Shuttle race ring A 0.8mm
14109607 A=2.3 B=4.0 Without relief slit
H type Standard
B1601210D0BA A=2.7 B=4.1 C=38.5
Intermediate presser B
  14103352 Shuttle race ring B 1.3mm
S/H Specification Standard
D2426284C00 A=1.6 B=2.0 Without relief slit
For fasion and knit garments
B1601210D0CA A=3.5 B=5.5 C=38.5
Intermediate presser C
  14103659 Shuttle race ring C 1.7mm
14224307 A=2.0 B=3.0 Without relief slit B1601210D0E A=1.6 B=2.6 C=37
Intermediate presser E
  B1817210DA0 Shuttle race ring D 1.9mm
B242628000D A=2.5 B=3.5 Without relief slit B1601210D0FA A=2.2 B=3.6 C=41.5
Intermediate presser F
D2426MMCK0C A=3.0 B=4.0 Without relief slit          
- P/N Remarks P/N Remarks P/N Remarks P/N P/N P/N Remarks
14120109 Without knurl / without processing 01570233 FU-02S
Magnet type presser
B92118500A0 Separately procure the following:
B1131850000C x1: Stay for tank
SS7110840SP x2: Fixing screw
14224760 14225056 B2553210D0A Solid type geeding frame/ With knurl
14120307 With knurl / without processing 01570241 FU-02L
Presser air type
        2553210D0B Solid type geeding frame/ Without knurl
                  B2554210D0A Separate type feeding frame/ Without knurl
                  B2554210D0B Separate type feeding frame (right)/ With knurl
                  B2554210D0C Separate type feeding frame (left)/ With knurl