A reminder of unsolicited e-mails (spoofed e-mails) purporting to be from our employees

We have confirmed that a third party has been sending “spoofed e-mails” purporting to be from our employees or offer our services to several of our employees since Friday, March 18, 2022. Therefore, there is a worry that “spoofed e-mails” purporting to be from our employees are being sent to people outside the company as well. Please note that these are fraudulent e-mails sent by someone pretending to be our employees, and were not sent by our company.

If you receive any of the following types of e-mails, please do not open the file attached to the e-mails and delete the e-mails, as there is a risk of virus infection or unauthorized access.

  • E-mails sent from e-mail addresses other than the sender’s e-mail addresses when the senders are our employees (E-mail addresses configured with domains other than @juki.com)
  • E-mails with attached files that you don’t know anything about

The following are the structural components of “spoofed e-mails” that we are currently aware of. Several patterns have been identified.
Please pay particular attention to the red parts as follows.

<Examples of spoofed e-mails that we are aware of>
Subject line: Re: ~~
   (Note) Fwd: ~~ is also confirmed.
Sender: Pretending to be our employee or offer our services <from fictitious e-mail addresses configured with domains other than @juki.com
Attachment: Zip files to be unzipped
   (Note) Excel files are also checked.
Main body of e-mail: Please check the contents.
   (Note) Various other contents have been checked.
Telephone number: <Different telephone number from ours
Fax number: <Fax number different from ours
Mobile number: <Unknown mobile number
E-mail address: <Our employee’s name@juki.com

We are committed to operating and improving our information security management, and we ask for your ongoing understanding and cooperation as we continue to strengthen security measures.

This issue is not limited to our company, but other companies have also reported similar incidents.
Please refer to the following reference website information regarding this virus.

(For your information)
Regarding emails aimed at infection with a virus called “Emotet” issued by IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan)