Post-process automation solution

From hand insertion process to automation process

From hand insertion process to automation process

Would you like to worry about this?

  1. Skilled workers are increasingly aging. Technology succession is difficult.
  2. Dedicated machines are required for each type of supply, and the occupancy rate in the installation in the factory is high.
  3. How do I eliminate variations by workers?
  4. Quality is not stable and productivity is not high.
  5. I want to stop handwriting management
  6. Workers are burdened due to labor shortage
  7. Adoption and education are expensive.
  8. I don't know how to systematize or automate it.

JUKI's post-process automation solution solves various problems such as insertion work accuracy, process improvement, and variation elimination.

Introduction effect and examples

Accurate insertion work

Process improvement

To eliminate dispersion


Stabilization of the insertion process

Efficiently using human resources


Product lineup

JM-100 Multitask Platform

JM-50 Multitask Platform

JM-20 Multitask Platform

MR-Series Multitask robot system