Parts management automation solution

Would you like to worry about this?

  1. Some parts require humidity control
  2. We want to manage loose parts and cut parts
  3. The first-in first-out rule is not thorough.
  4. Parts shipping errors have resulted in double troubles
  5. More parts types and more complicated warehouse management
  6. We don't know where the parts I'm looking for
  7. Have ordered excess parts
  8. We want to reduce the burden on workers
  9. It is troublesome if the person in charge of the parts business takes a rest
  10. The parts management is not put into a database.
  11. We want to shorten the inventory timing proposal
  12. We want to shorten the lead time and use the funding

JUKI's parts management automation solution solves various problems in parts management, such as space saving and system linkage.

It can be used not only to manage electronic components but also to manage components in the assembly process.

Narrow down introduction examples

Introduction effect and examples

Space savings

Parts Storage/Management

System linkage

Components Acceptance/Registration Remaining quantity control

Improvement of work efficiency (real-time inventory control)

Remaining quantity control

Improvement of work efficiency (systematization of existing shelves)

Parts Storage/Management

Improvement of work efficiency (efficiency of warehousing work)

Parts Storage/Management

Improvement of delivery efficiency (picking)

Parts Storage/Management Production setup

Improvement of delivery efficiency (combination parts management)

Production setup

Automatic transport

Components Acceptance/Registration

Product lineup

ISM3600 Intelligent Storage Management System

ISM2000 Intelligent Storage Management System

ISM1800 Intelligent Storage Management System

ISM1100 Intelligent Storage Management System

ISM500 Intelligent Storage Management System

ISM3900 Storage extension module for ISM 3600

Incoming Material Station Material receipt registration system