The information listed is for services in Japan and may vary depending on the region where the service is available.
Please contact us for details.

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  • I want to receive training with the introduction of new machines and software.
  • I want to get trained by changing the person in charge
  • I want to get trained because we changed the person in charge
  • I want to improve work efficiency over current levels
  • I want to get more detailed training than I learned at On Job Training(OJT).

Training Features

1.Face-to-face training at JUKI Training Center (Head Office

By taking courses away from work, it is easier to concentrate.
It is not necessary to stop the machine system in the factory.


2.Face-to-face training at customer production sites

Trainer visits and conducts training.
To train at your production facility, the factory machine system must be shut down because it is used for training.
Training is possible without worrying about differences in version, etc.
※It is necessary to bear the cost of accommodation, transportation, and trainer work for the trainer separately.


3.On-line training

You can take online training via the Web.
The course can be divided into several days on an hour-by-hour basis, so training can be performed according to the convenience of the person in charge.
We provide basic education, Q & A methods, etc.
※It is also possible to use face-to-face and on-line training together.
Contact your businesses representative.


Content of the training

1.Main unit training

Training from main body operation to daily inspection of mounters, printing machines, dispensers, inspection machines, etc.


2.Software training

Various software programs such as external programming (IS, JaNets), part verification (IFS-NX), and CAD-conversion (FlexlineCAD) can be taken.


3.Maintenance training

Training in parts replacement and adjustment in case of machine failure.
Machine operation is required when adjusting the parameters. If a person without experience in operation is to take the course, it is also necessary to take the operation training.


Training course

Course type Feature
Operation course The basic course for the operator.
Create a program according to the tasks handled by the operator.
Standard course This is a general course from operation to program creation and daily inspection.
Please note that the schedule and the required number of days are fixed.
Advanced course This course is designed to raise the level of experienced operators in operation and program creation.
Create a curriculum to match your experience values.
Selective course This is the choice course when you want to shorten the number of days from the standard course.
We can respond to requests such as “I want to take a lecture only on the difference from current model” and “I want to take a lecture only on the desired part in the standard course”.
Create a curriculum with property machines and experience values.

Subscription step


Contacting our sales representatives

  • Contents of training and the number of participants

Receiving required materials from JUKI

  • Curriculum (created according to your preference)
  • Quotation sheet

Schedule adjustment

Contact your businesses representative for the desired schedule.
(It will be helpful if you propose more than one)
Temporarily hold the education schedule.


Instruction application form

Complete the necessary items and submit them to the sales office.
The educational schedule is finalized.
*Please submit at least two weeks prior to requested training.


Transmission of invitation e-mails

I will send you an e-mail when the course is finalized.


Implementation of training