Spare parts supply

Spare parts supply

The information listed is for services in Japan and may vary depending on the region where the service is available.
Please contact us for details.

Don’t you have any requests like this?
  • I would like to consult with you because I think it will be necessary to replace parts soon.
  • Replacement of parts was recommended.
  • I want to know the parts information
  • I would like to consult about parts
  • I want to order parts
  • Immediately required parts
JUKI Parts Support Policy

「Order today and get it tomorrow.」
「We don’t keep our customers waiting.」

Secure parts supply system

1.Worldwide support
2.Real-time verification

  • Inventory status
  • Parts retrieval
  • Confirmation of status (discontinued production, information on substitutes, etc.)

Purchase step

STEP1 Searching for components and ordering to JUKI
STEP2 Receive a quote from JUKI.
STEP3 Delivered to customers through JUKI