The information listed is for services in Japan and may vary depending on the region where the service is available.
Please contact us for details.

Do you have any problems?
  • I want to know the latest machine information
  • I want to see the manual of the machine I own.
  • I want parts lists that are easy to search
  • I want to look up technical information such as error messages
JAS ONLINE is a customer-specific website for JUKI that provides customers with the most up-to-date technical data.
We will provide useful information to our customers in a timely manner.
To use, free member registration is required.
Customers who wish to register as members are requested to request the subscription materials.
※Targeted for customers using JUKI equipment.

Features of JAS ONLINE

  • Parts List Illustrations and Parts List are open for easy visual recognition
  • Viewable on smartphones and tablets
  • Information on individual parts (photo, part number, inventory, target model)
  • Search information across sites and display results based on search keywords
  • Other EOSL (maintenance deadline), FAQs, Service Options (Retrofit)

JAS ONLINE Announcements

・CS Info (latest information), catalogs, introduces of recommended products,
guidance for exhibitions, manuals, instruction manuals, operation manuals, troubleshooting,
technical memos, parts information, nozzle lists, etc.

Steps to register JAS ONLINE

STEP1 Accessing a website for JAS Online
STEP2 Confirmation of terms of service
STEP3 Downloading registration application form
STEP4 Fill in registration application form and send to businesses/service in charge

Detailed steps to JAS ONLINE registration

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