Production technology support

Production technology support

The information listed is for services in Japan and may vary depending on the region where the service is available.
Please contact us for details.

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Individual demo web presentation
  • I want to see the actual machine.
  • Please introduce the line.
  • Watching the latest model
  • Please introduce system products.
  • I want to check if this part can be mounted on JUKI model
  • Please tell us about the nozzles that can be produced under optimum conditions.
  • I want to know how to create data that will stabilize recognition.
  • I want to know how much productivity is improved by model update.
  • I want you to tell me how to increase productivity on the current line.
  • I want to create a program that gives priority to the setup.

Individual demonstration/Web presentation application step



Please feel free to contact us using the individual demo form.


Contact from JUKI

  • Interviews of requests and meetings on schedules


We will introduce products and functions that meet customer needs.

Application for individual demonstration

Showroom guide

Mounting Technology Center (Mounting-related Equipment)

The Mounting Technology Center displays “Mounting-related Equipment” used at the production plants of “Printed Circuit Boards” in a full lineup.
From mounters and inserters where parts are mounted on boards, products required for the manufacturing process, such as solder printing machines, inspection machines, and automated warehouses, can be viewed in line solutions.

Experiment and simulation

Do you have any requests like this?

  • I want to check if this part can be mounted on JUKI model
  • I would like you to verify the actual installation with our own parts.
  • What are the recommended nozzles that can be mounted under optimum conditions?
  • Please give advice on improving production conditions.

We conduct installation experiments and verification on customer parts and materials.

Through mounting experiments using a demonstration machine, selection of a compatible nozzle, creation of recognition data, and verification of mounting conditions are performed.
It is possible to give advice even if only drawing information is used.

Simulation is performed using the customer’s production program.

By simulating with JaNets (line control software), we can confirm the effectiveness of the machine replacement and propose to improve the productivity of the current line.

Experiment and simulation



Please request from the inquiry form.



Send the part and board data to JUKI.


Experimentation/simulation implementation

Experimented and simulated with JUKI.


Rendering reports

A report will be submitted to the customer by JUKI.


Supporting purchasing, suggesting lines