Multitask Platform JM-100

Advancing versatility, quality and speed

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  • Best in class speed.
    Component insertion time down to 0.6 seconds for vacuum nozzle and 0.8 seconds for gripper nozzle.
  • New “Takumi head” with multiple recognition heights
  • Component Feeding
  • Line control using JaNets software


Multi Task Platform JM-100
  Standard specification
(Lsize PWB)
Clinch specification
(Lsize PWB)
With using Clinch unit Without using Clinch unit
Board Size 1 time clamping 50㎜×50㎜~410㎜×360㎜ 80㎜×100㎜~410㎜×360㎜ 80㎜×50㎜~410㎜×360㎜
2 times clamping 50㎜×50㎜~800㎜×360㎜ 80㎜×100㎜~800㎜×360㎜ 80㎜×100㎜~800㎜×360㎜
PCB Weight max.4kg
Component Height max.30㎜
Component Size Laser recognition 0603~□50mm
Vision recognition □3mm~□50mm
Insertion Speed
(Insertion components)
Vacuum 0.6 sec/part*1*3*4
grip 0.8 sec/part*2*3*4
Placement Accuracy
Laser recognition ±0.05mm(3σ)
Vision recognition ±0.04mm

* 1 Specification conditions
(Applicable part: Aluminum electrolytic capacitor (φ 8 mm), Feeder: two MRF-S, Placement conditions: Simultaneous pick, sequential insertions using 2 nozzles)
* 2 Specification conditions
(Applicable part: Connector (4 pin), Insertion conditions: 2 sequential picks and insertions using 2 nozzles)
* 3 Board transfer and mark recognition time not included.
* 4 When the part height is 16 mm.