RX-6 Dual lane conveyor type is now available


High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-6/RX-B

Brand new Modular Mounter RX-6 debut
-Combine High Productivitiy, High Flexiblity, High Quality
Placement Monitor Supported model


  • Placement speed :
    Chip : 42,000CPH(Optimum)*1
    IC : 14,000CPH*1*4
  • Component size : 0402~□50mm*2
  • Laser recognition : ±0.04mm(±Cpk≧1)
  • This is applicable to dual-lane production.
  • Compact footprint : the width is just 1.25m
  • Equipped with standard Placement Monitor check function.*2*4
  • Replaceable head allow you to configure a production line best suited to the current repirments.
  • High-speed component placement using high-speed non-stop vision recognition.
  • Wide range of components and boards: tall components, large components and large boards.
  • Brand new Matrix Tray Sever TR8S improves the component capability and productivity.

*1 when using 6 × 6 nozzle head
*2 when using 6 nozzle head
*3 when using 3 nozzle head
*4 Option for RX-6B


High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter
6×6 nozzle head 6×3 nozzle head
RX-6 RX-6B RX-6 RX-6B
Board size single lane conveyor 50X50~610X590 / 905X590mm(2times clamping)
dual lane conveyor 50×50~360×250㎜※1
Component height 6/12/20/25/33mm
Component size Laser recognition 0402~□50mm 0402~□33.5mm(3 nozzle head)
0402~□50㎜(6 nozzle head)
Vision recognition Standard camera*2 □3~□33.5mm □3~□100mm/50×180mm
High-resolution camera 1005~□20mm 1005~□48mm/24×72mm
Placement speed Chip Optimum*3 42,000CPH 34,000CPH
IPC9850 26,000CPH 23,000CPH
IC*4 14,000CPH 11,000CPH
Placement accuracy Laser recognition ±0.04mm(Cpk≧1)
Vision recognition*2 ±0.04mm ±0.04mm
Component loading quantity Max.160 in case of 8mm tape feeder
(on a Electonic double tape feeder))
Component recognition Camera(VCS) Standard Option Standard Option
Placement monitor Inspection function Standard Option Standard Option
Auto tape cutter Standard Option Standard Option
Nozzle Standard Option Standard Option
Force control Standard Option Standard Option
Virus measurement Software(white list) Standard Standard Standard Standard

*1 Single lane conveyor specification mode max 360 × 450 mm
*2 Option for RX-6B
*3 when using the single lane conveyor specification
*4 Placement speed of IC components is estimated value when placing 36 pieces QFP component (dimension 10mm square or smaller) on M size PWB overall,picking from both front and rear side with all nozzles simultaneously.