"I want to change the sewing item. But I don't know what parts are necessary. Such problems can be solved with Gauge Navigator!  

Gauge Navigator helps the customers who are considering changing production items in sewing factories to select appropriate replacement gauge parts. You can search for suitable replacement parts by selecting your model, specifications and sewing items. The results of search can be saved in the cart of the WebPartsList or output as an Excel sheet.

Find essential gauge components quickly!

Simply select the model you are currently using, the item you would like to sew, etc., and we will suggest the gauge components you need. You can also select your preferred sewing specifications to further narrow down your search.

Shape confirmation with drawings

You can check the shape and size of all gauge components candidates on the website. Please verify the differences from the parts you are currently using.

Add to cart

Selected gauge components can be saved by adding them to the cart. Parts added to the cart can be checked for price and availability, and can also be exported to Excel.
※Please note that membership registration (Free Membership) is required to use the cart. Please click herefor details.

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