Conceptual illustration of the JUKI booth

JUKI America, the US sales subsidiary of JUKI Corporation, will host a booth at Texprocess Americas, a three-day event from May 10 (Wednesday) to 12 (Friday) at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.
By visiting JUKI at Texprocess Americas, customers will learn how to evolve their factories into smart factories that have higher production capacity that are friendly to both people and the environment. JUKI's collective strengths, multidimensional activities, and concrete suggestions for "Smart Solutions" will help customers achieve their smart factory goals.

Overview of the JUKI exhibition booth


Georgia World Congress Center, Booth #1203

Exhibition space

278 m2 (3,000 sq ft)

Number of models to be displayed

32 industrial sewing machines and systems

Exhibition slogan

Proposals for Smart Solutions, digitalization and automatization

Exhibition concept

JUKI Smart Solutions
~Innovation with our Best Global Support~

* The models to be displayed are subject to change. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Overview of the JUKI exhibits

In addition to its mainstay industrial sewing machines for apparel, JUKI will introduce a broad lineup of other items and models such as automatic machines for jeans and knits, sewing machines for non-apparel automotive products, and non-sewing products. Furthermore, the booth will introduce products from JUKI and Pegasus Company Japan, a partner JUKI has been working with since 2021.
Visitors will also have the chance to see JUKI’s JaNets, a simple machine operation management system that grows a factory's production capacity by connecting JUKI’s digital smart sewing machines into smart networks.
Along with an impressive array of parts and options, the Parts Section will introduce a human resource development program called "JUKI e-learning” and an advanced sewing machine inspection support system called "ShuHaRi."

Main sewing machine models to be displayed

AMS-224EN/AW3 Computer-controlled cycle machine with an input function integrated with an automatic bobbin thread winding and feeding device New
The AMS-224EN is the machine of choice for improved seam quality, production capacity, and operability, even for wide sewing areas. The model displayed will be retrofitted with the AW-3 automatic bobbin thread winding and feeding device. The AW-3 reduces downtime and prevents defects caused when an operator forgets to replace the bobbin. 

PLK-J Series New
The PLK-J Series, JUKI’s computer-controlled cycle machine with an input function, delivers a strong penetrating force to support the sewing of rigid heavy-weight materials such as seatbelts, safety belts, and bags. In addition, the PLK-J’s digital tension function improves quality by keeping the thread at the optimum tension for the sewing pattern. For example, the sewing of a safety belt poses a unique challenge, as the workpiece material grows more rigid from the start of sewing to the end. The PLK-J Series copes with this increase in rigidity by gradually increasing the thread tension to guarantee stable seams stitch-by-stitch.

●LK-1903BNBS301/M15 Computer-controlled, high-speed, lockstitch, button sewing system (with a button feeder)  New
Sew buttons at high speed simply by placing the material on the machine and pressing the pedal. Thanks to a unique feeding mechanism, JUKI’s button feeder supplies a consistent supply of buttons with quality results. The JUKI booth will exhibit a camera-equipped button feeding system that checks the button orientation to ensure that the button logo appears right-side up.

JTRON Series  New
The newly launched JTRON Series of automatic machines has been specially developed for customers engaged in mass production. JTRON machines promise increased production capacity and improved sewing quality. Visitors to the JUKI booth will have a chance to explore five JTRON models, including an automatic bottom-hemming machine and a sewing machine with a collar rib attaching device.

●LZ2284B High-speed, 1-needle, lockstitch, zigzag stitching machine  Coming Soon
The LZ-2284B is a zigzag stitching machine with a proprietary changeover function to switch between standard and 3-step zigzag stitching patterns. The machine head is fitted with an electrical control box, motor, and integrated operation panel to stably achieve softly finished seams with low thread tension.
A triangular cam built in to monitor the needle-throwing mechanism achieves consistent, beautifully finished seams by preventing the needle from swaying. With the hand lever, the operator can easily switch the needle swing pattern between standard and 3-step zigzag stitches.

JIN Series   New
JUKI is now developing an ensemble of "JIN (abbreviation for "JUKI International") brand sewing machines that meet the price and quality requirements of customers. Based on the "Easy Operation" design concept, JIN models are recommended as entry-level sewing machines for customers who have no need for digital sewing. The NA35DUT and NA11UT, two models for the sewing of shoes, bags, and sofas, will be on display.