We have updated the version of JUKI-ShuHaRi.
"JUKI-ShuHaRi" is a sewing machine inspection support system that can be used free of charge.
It consists of a smartphone app and a cloud app.

Upgraded functions

The following functions have been upgraded with this version upgrade.



 Cloud app

 Smartphone app


Linkage with the Web parts list


Enhancement of estimation request function


Detailed information display of part data


Support for work report

Linkage with the Web parts list

You can now access the web part list directly from ShuHaRi.

ShuHaRi Cloud

"Web Parts List" menu has been added to the service function menu.
Selecting the “Web Part List” menu opens a new tab in your web browser to display the Web Part List.

Smartphone app

"Web Parts list" button was added to the Top menu.
When you press the "Parts list" button, the web browser of the smartphone app will be launched and the web parts list will be displayed.

Enhancement of estimation request function

We have enhanced the estimation function to make it easier to order the necessary parts.

Get cart information for web parts list
You can import the cart information of the web part list into ShuHaRi.
※In order to link the cart information, the account information registered in the Web Parts List is required.

ShuHaRi Cloud

Smartphone app


External estimation request function
You can issue a parts estimate request email from ShuHaRi Cloud to any email address.
This allows you to request a estimate without making a mistake in the part number, the number of spare parts extracted during inspection, or the part selected in the web parts list.

Detailed information display of part data

Added a screen to display detailed data of parts.
By checking the detailed specifications of parts when selecting spare parts, you can prevent mistakes in selecting parts.

ShuHaRi Cloud

Smartphone app

Support for work report

With the smartphone app, you can enter work reports other than inspections.
You can report up to 5 items in the work report, and you can enter 1 "report image" and 256 characters for "report comment" per report.
You can check the contents of the work report in the maintenance record.

List of supported models

The sewing machine models currently supported by JUKI-ShuHaRi are as follows.



Lockstitch Machine

DDL-55**N / DDL-8000A / DDL-8100B / DDL-8100e / DDL-8700
DDL-9000 / DDL-9000A / DDL-9000B / DDL-9000C / DDL-900A
DDL-900B / DLM-5200N / DLM-5400N-7 / DLN-9010A

Lockstitch Machine

LH-3528A / LH-3528A-7 /LH-3568A / LH-3568A-7 / LH-3578A
LH-3578A-7 / LH-3588A / LH-3588A-7

Zigzag Stitching Machine

LZ-2290A / LZ-2290ASS / LZ-2290ASS-7 / LZ-2290A-SS
LZ-2290A-SS-7 / LZ-2290ASU / LZ-2290ASU-7 / LZ-2290A-SU
LZ-2290A-SU-7 / LZ-2290ASR-7 / LZ-2290A-SR-7 / LZ-2290ADS
LZ-2290ADS-7 / LZ-2290A-DS / LZ-2290A-DS-7 / LZ-2290ADU
LZ-2290ADU-7 / LZ-2290A-DU / LZ-2290A-DU-7

Bartacking Machine

LK-1900B / LK-1900BN / LK-1900S

Buttonholing Machine

LBH-1790 / LBH-1790A / LBH-1790AN / LBH-1790S / LBH-1790K

Flat-bed Sewing Machine

LU-1508NH / LU1508NS / LU-1509NH / LU-1509NS / LU-1510N-7 / LU-1510NA-7 / LU-2810-7 / LU-2818-7 / LU-2860-7 / LU-2868-7

Post-bed Sewing Machine

PLC-2710-7 / PLC-2760-7

Pattern Stitching Machine

AMS-210EN-1306 / AMS-210EN-1510 / AMS-210EN-2210
AMS-221EN-2516 / AMS-221EN-3020
AMS-224EN-4530 / AMS-224EN-6030 / AMS-224EN-4530R

Overlock Sewing Machines

MO-6704D / MO-6704DA / MO-6704S / MO-6904S
MO-6714D / MO-6714DA / MO-6714S / MO-6914S
MO-6716D / MO-6716DA / MO-6716S / MO-6916S