Software download page has been redesigned

The software for JUKI industrial former Mitsubishi Electric products can now be downloaded from the software download page. In addition to the existing JUKI Smart APP, the latest versions of system software and utility software for former Mitsubishi Technica products are available for download.
*To use the software download page, membership registration (free membership) is required.

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Make effective use of JUKI WebPartsList

Use it with your smartphone

You can use the JUKI WebPartsList by registering for the Industrial Sewing Machines Online Service.
JUKI WebPartsList is a web version of JUKI's parts list for free. You can use it on any devices or OS without an application.
* Click here for supported OS and browsers, please click here.

Enhanced search functions

JUKI WebPartsList has extensive functions for finding the parts you need.

Search on the top page
Search in model
Confirmation of the components by thumbnail

Convenient cart function for listing

Parts in the parts list can be added to the cart. Parts added to the cart can be exported to Excel, which is useful for listing the parts you want. You can also check prices and stock availability and request for quotation from the cart.
*Availability of the function of price, stock, and quotation depends on the region.

Supported Models

The following models of former Mitsubishi Electric products are available (as of May 2024).

PLK-G1010 / PLK-G1306 / PLK-G2008H
PLK-G2010R / PLK-G2516 / PLK-G2516R
PLK-G2516-YU / PLK-G3040R / PLK-G4030
PLK-G6030 / PLK-G4030R / PLK-G6030R
PLK-G5050 / PLK-G10050 / PLK-G5050R
PLK-G10050R / PLK-G6030WR / PLK-J10050
PLK-J10050R / PLK-J10050R3 / PLK-J10050RH
PLK-J12060 / PLK-J12060R / PLK-J12060R3
PLK-J12060RH / PLK-J2516R-YU / PLK-J2516-YU
PLK-J3020R-SE / PLK-J4040 / PLK-J4040R
PLK-J4040R3 / PLK-J4040RH / PLK-J6040
PLK-J6040R / PLK-J6040R3 / PLK-J6040RH
XL-G / XC-G / XL-K / XC-K

Free Membership

The parts list is immediately available to anyone who registers as a member. The service is free of charge and requires no additional fees.

More Details

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