Our inspection support system JUKI-ShuHaRi can now be customized according to your requests.

JUKI-ShuHaRi supports sewing machine maintenance

JUKI-ShuHaRi is a system that supports sewing machine maintenance using IoT devices such as smartphones and PC. You can register not only JUKI brand industrial sewing machines but also other brand industrial sewing machines on ShuHaRi and manage their maintenance record.
Click here for a list of sewing machines for which inspection procedures are currently available.

JUKI-ShuHaRi supported models

ShuHaRi Customization service!

ShuHaRi Customization Service can modify existing inspection methods.
1. Semi-customization
 ・Hide unnecessary inspection methods on ShuHaRi and change to your own methods.
 ・Able to display only the inspection methods that are relevant to my company's inspections.

2. Full customization
 ・Customers can use ShuHaRi to record the inspection result of other brand machine or old-type JUKI machine that not available in ShuHaRi.

By converting sewing machine inspection history, which is currently managed on paper, into data, it will lead to a reduction in management and data analysis man-hours. Additionally, by registering inspection procedures, you can standardize work and pass on know-how.
If you are interested, please contact us.

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