Shorter-thread remaining kit for LK-1900 (Computer-controlled bartacking sewing machine)

The thread trimming work in the bartacking process can be eliminated.

It can be easily retrofitted and the productivity of the bartacking process increases.

The shorter-thread remaining function can be added to your sewing machine only by replacing with the dedicated throat plate kit. The length of the needle thread remaining on the back side of the material at the end of sewing is 2.5 mm or less on average. It eliminates the need for thread trimming operation and gives soft and smooth feeling on the bartacking sections where directly contact skin such as underwear and other items.

Shorter-thread remaining kit for LK-1900 (Computer-controlled bartacking sewing machine)

Effects of the replacement

Modified parts on a model basis

Applicable models Sewing category Part Number
LK-1900A / 1900AN / 1900B / 1900BN Standard (S) 40193911
Heavy-weight materials (H) 40194944
LK-1903A / 1903AN / 1903B / 1903BN Button sewing 40193911

* In the case of a button sewing machine, it is necessary to replace the shorter-thread remaining throat plate kit and the dedicated needle hole guide.

* All applicable models require special software

List of consumables

Part Name Part Number
Moving knife [A] 40193905
Fixing knife [B] 40193912
Needle Hole Guide [C] 40193909 (S Spec)
40193914 (H Spec)
40193915 (Button sewing)

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CartPart No.DescriptionSewing categoryApplicable models
40193911Shorter-thread remaining kitStandard (S)LK-1900A / 1900AN / 1900B / 1900BN
40194944Shorter-thread remaining kitHeavy-weight materials (H)LK-1900A / 1900AN / 1900B / 1900BN
40193911Shorter-thread remaining kitButton sewingLK-1903A / 1903AN / 1903B / 1903BN
40193915Shorter-thread remaining kitButton sewingLK-1903A / 1903AN / 1903B / 1903BN

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