Button sewing clamp kit for LK-1900 (Computer-controlled bartacking sewing machine)

This is a conversion kit from a bartacking machine to a button sewing machine.

Various button sizes can be supported. (Outer dia. 8 to 21 mm, thickness 1 to 4.5 mm can be sewn up to a hole spacing of 4.5 mm) Since the presser foot pressure is concentrated on the tip of the button clamp jaw lever, sewing defects due to displacement of the material are eliminated. Since the presser foot operates vertically, there is no deviation of the button center position due to the thickness of the material.

Parts Number : 72005824

Button sewing clamp kit for LK-1900 (Computer-controlled bartacking sewing machine)

Operation process

Standard accessory

Button Sewing Clamp Kit Parts List

No. Part Number Part Name
2 72002988 FEED_PLATE_A
3 72005816 SPRING_LEFT_B
4 72005817 SPRING_RIGHT_B
5 72005821 SPRING_LEFT_C_ASM
8 SS6080340SP SCREW 1/8-44 L=2.9
9 WP0370316SD WASHER 3.7x8x0.3
10 MAZ15601000 GUIDE
12 40021011 SMALL_GAUGE

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CartPart No.DescriptionApplicable models
72005824Button sewing clamp kitLK-1900A / 1900AN / 1900B / 1900BN

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