AT-45 TAPE Cutter Device (for LH4578CF/SC956)

Eliminates the work of cutting tape with scissors.

Easy to install, Improves productivity in Tape sewing process.

AT-45 is a motor-driven device.
Therefore, its operating noise is considerably lower and easy to change workshop layout.
The tape cutter is able to cut the tape short just behind the presser foot (2.2 mm away from center of the presser foot bar).
Since the height of the standby position of the knife is 25 mm above the throat plate surface, operators do not need to worry about the product being caught by the knife.

AT-45 TAPE Cutter Device (for LH4578CF/SC956)

Features of TAPE Cutter Device

Easy to install

Improves productivity in Tape sewing process

Operating noise is considerably lower

Easy to change workshop layout

Tape cutter device
Part number Device name
40246381 AT45AK (3-phase 200~240V)
40252490 AT45AD (Single phase 200~240V)
40253196 AT45AN (Single phase 200~240V(CE))
Needle gauge size Throatplate part number
Needle gauge size Standard With Tape guide
Code inch mm Standard With Tape guide
D 3/16 4.8 40240834 40246475
E 7/32 5.6 40240833 40246476
F 1/4 6.4 40240832 40246477
G 9/32 7.1 40240835 40246478
H 5/16 7.9 40240836 40246479

* Throat plate is not supplied with the main body of the AT-45 tape cutter.It is therefore necessary to separately place an order for the throat plate given in table as shown above.

* Please note that this throat plate cannot be attached to the sewing machine with automatic thread trimmer.


Applicable model LH4578CF/SC956
Operation method 1.By pressing touch-back switch
2.By depressing the back part of pedal /
3.By operating the external input switch (Option:part number 40232800)
Application Cutting of various of tape, narrow lace, shoulder straps and lining tapes for foundations and lingerie
Cut specification Width of Knife : 20mm
Maximum cut width : 14mm

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CartPart No.Description
40246381AT45AK (3-phase 200~240V)
40252490AT45AD (Single phase 200~240V)
40253196AT45AN (Single phase 200~240V(CE))

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