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1. Individual Training Type

The Individual Training Type has two pricing categories: "Management fee" and "Course fee"
"Management fee" refers to the management fee for the participant's account information and scores. One Management license is required during the course regardless of the number of the course participants.
"Course fee" is required for each course per participant.
Both "Management fee" and "Course fee" are monthly basis, and the charge is added for the duration of the applicable course(s).

[Pricing Sample]

Order item #: 40247894 (Management fee)
Order item #: 40252162 (Training fee: Sewing operator training course: English)

Management fee:
30 USD (per month)


Course fee:
15 USD (per month) × number of participants

Management fee:
System usage fee under the administor account. (Incurs regardless of the number of participant)

Course fee:
Course fees. (Incurs according to the number of participants)

Course duration:
The period in which the system is available for use.

e.g.) 10 participants taking the training for three (3) months: Total amount 540 USD (tax not included)
(Management fee 30 USD × 3 months = 90 USD) + (Course fee 15 USD) × 10 participants × 3 months = 450 USD

2. Group Training Type

This is a monthly package with a fixed fee including both "Management fee" and "Course fee."


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Sewing operator training course

Basic Knowledge of Sewing - Lockstitching course

Expected charge amount

Applied CourseApplied DurationPrice
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Sewing operator training course
Basic Knowledge of Sewing - Lockstitching course
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* After accepting the application information, JUKI near you will contact you to confirm the contents to the registered address.
* Due to the duration of the processing time, we may not meet your preferred training start date. Please make a note of it in advance.
* One (1) month of course duration refers to 30 calendar days.