Control box, Motor, Panel

Compact, lightweight motor with complete range of convenient functions!

Product features

  • Realization of Compact, Lightweight Motor

    Motor size reduced by approximately 60% when compared with previous motor (XL-554). Motor weight reduced by approximately 1.7kg.

  • Control Box / Motor

    The LIMISERVO X G Series includes auto thread trimming, presser foot lifting, fixed-stitch stitching, continuous stitching and backtacking.
    When connected to operation panel, there are step sequence, simple sequence and PC communication functions. Equipped with 8 solenoid drive outputs, 2 electromagnetic valve outputs, 1 small-signal output and 14 input terminals including variable voltage input.

Basic performance

  • Step Sequence Function

    Condition settings also possible with multiple combining.
    ●This function enables easy programming of the desired input, output and machining operation conditions in sequence with the stitching process.
    ●Various operations can now be incorporated into the “stitching process”, including those performed before and after operation.

  • Direct Parameter No. Call-up Function

    Previously it was necessary to select the respective mode to perform settings when making changes to the parameters, however, by using the XC-G10S (L), XC-G500Y operation panel, it is now possible to call up the required parameter in a single operation. It is also possible to call up parameters for each mode.

  • Computer Interface Standard Equipment

    ●Settings data control including batch writing, reading and saving of settings can be performed using the setup software. (XCG_SET)
    ●Step sequence creation, editing, etc. can be performed using the dedicated step sequence software. (XCG_STEP)

  • Inherits the LIMISERVO X F Series!

    ●The settings data save function has been expanded to enable saving of settings data from 1 model to 2 models.
    ●A parameter change difference display has been added. (A flashing dot [.] displays at the changed parameter.)
    ●2 types of function setting can now be performed with a single input.


Control box XC-GMF-10-05 XC-GMF-20-05 XC-GMF-20-07
Motor XL-G554-10Y XL-G554-20Y XL-G754-20Y
Power supply Single-phase 100-120V*1 Single-phase, 3-phase 200-240V*1
Rated output 550W 750W
Rated speed 3,600sti/min*2
Rated torque 1.47N・m(0.15kg・m) 1.96N・m(0.2kg・m)
Speed control range   70 sti/min to 8,999 sti/min*2
Machine axis Shipping setting (250sti/min to 4,000sti/min*2 )
Motor axis 550 sti/min to 3,600 sti/min*2
Detector XC-KE-01P
Environment Ambient temperature 5℃~40℃
Ambient humidity 30%RH to 95%RH (no condensation)
Max. altitude Above sea-level 1,000m
Mass Control box: 3.5kg (net), 6.9kg (gross), Motor: 6.9kg (net), 9.1kg (gross)
Packaging style Carton box < L: 490mm × W: 402mm × H: 227mm > (When motor and control box are packaged as set)

*1 Please refer to the instruction manual for details of the connection method.
*2 sti/min is the abbreviation for “stitches per minute”

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