Programming software for computer-controlled sewing machines

It is easy, accurate, and fast !
Its versatile input functions allow to input sewing data of each electronic sewing machine model easily, accurately, and quickly.
It supports high quality production with high added value by utilizing and creating original data for specific designs and applications.

Product features

  • Creation of sewing data

    Create sewing data in an interactive manner during viewing screen displays.

  • Template functions

    Equipped with template functions that allow to create sewing data easily by input each parameter. (For LBH-1790)

  • Image input function (BMP file)

    Input image (BMP file) copied by a scanner.

  • Keyboard input function

    Coordinates entered can be corrected and re-edited by keyboard input.

  • Other functions

    • Equipped with a data preview function that displays data configuration before reading sewing data.
    • Sewing sequences can be checked easily by a function of coloring needle drop points.
  • Confirmation and correction of sewing data

    By connecting with a personal computer line, sewing machine equipped with the latest operation panel can perform sew-off and data can be checked and edited on the spot.


Models suited for PM-1

AMS Series(B, C, D, E, EN type)
LK-1900 Series(A, AN, B, BN type)
LBH-1790 Series(A, AN type)
AMB-289, LZ-2290A, DP-2100, PS-700, AP-876

Operating environment for Personal Computer

Item Specifications
Support OS Windows® 10 (64 bit type only), Windows® 11
CPU 64 bit (x64) CPU having a clock frequency of 1 GHz or more
Memory 2GB RAM (64 bit)

Video adapter and monitor with a high resolution of XGA (1024 x 768) or more

Hard disk Hard disk with a usable space of 20 GB (64 bit)

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System Formation