Post-bed, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Vertical-axis Large Hook

High-quality stitches which match the car seat designs Soft-to-the-touch stitches help create a relaxed state of mind, as if sitting on a sofa

Product features

  • The alternating vertical movement mechanism prevents irregular stitches

    • The machine comes with JUKI's unique alternating vertical movement mechanism, where the presser foot's amount of alternating vertical movement does not change even when the material weight changes.
    • The amount of alternating vertical movement of the presser foot does not decrease even when a heavy-weight material is sewn. Therefore, the efficiency of the walking foot does not decrease so as to prevent uneven material feed.
    • The amount of alternating vertical movement is adjustable up to 6.5mm according to the weight of the material or any multi-layered part of it.

  • Consistent stitching performance

    The PLC-1700 Series machines have substantially been improved in their overall "efficiency of feed. " The machine smoothly handles large and heavy-weight materials with an increased efficiency of feed, thereby producing consistent seams free from irregular stitches (differences in stitch length).

  • Powerful rectangular-feed mechanism

    • JUKI's unique feed mechanism has been employed to eliminate stitch gathering, which is likely to occur with the conventional feed mechanism (elliptical-feed).
    • The rectangular-feed locus produces an increased efficiency of feed with consistency from the beginning to the end of sewing.
    • Since the feed dog's amount of lift is small, material flopping, noise and vibrations can be reduced.

  • Dual-tension mechanism

    The machine is able to perform sewing with low-count thread under a higher tension, which is difficult for the conventional single-tension method, with ease. 
    The machine comes with a dual-tension thread tension system 
    (two tension posts are used for a single thread).

  • The machine performs sewing with consistency with a broader range of needle counts up to #0
    In addition, it achieves the maximum stitch length of 12mm

    • A triangular cam has been adopted for the feed rock cam. This enables consistent sewing with a thread count of up to 0.
    • The machine comes provided as standard with a handwheel which is larger than the S type (standard) so as to increase the material-penetrating force of the needle.
    • In order to ensure an efficiency of feed (presser foot pressure) which is larger than that provided by the S type (standard), a double-coil spring is equipped as standard for the pressure bar spring.
    • The maximum stitch length is 12mm for both forward and reverse feed directions. In addition, the alternating vertical movement dial is provided as standard.

Basic performance

  • The basic performance (specifications) has been dramatically improved

    • A maximum number of revolutions of 2500sti/min (increased by 25%) is achieved to increase productivity.
    • The machine is able to support a maximum stitch length of 9mm (12mm for the L type).
    • It is now possible to factory-install the presser foot with a center guide for 2needles at the time of delivery.
  • Higher lift of the presser foot

    The presser foot lift is as high as 16mm, allowing the user to handle the material with ease.

  • Simple-setting of the amount of alternating vertical movement

    The vertical strokes of the presser foot and walking foot (alternating vertical movement) can be easily changed using a large dial mounted on the top surface of the machine head. In addition the sewing speed is automatically adjusted with the set value. With this feature, ideal sewing conditions are maintained at all times.

  • Instantaneous change-over device for the alternate vertical movement amount (DL device)

    • The machine has been provided with a DL device, which demonstrates its ability in processes for sewing lots of multilayered parts of material.
    • The amount of alternating vertical movement is instantly maximized by turning on the DL switch placed under the arm or the knee switch.

  • Safety mechanism

    Even in a situation such that the thread is caught in the hook, the safety device automatically works to prevent the hook from breaking. Resetting is possible only with a button.

  • Thread trimming without fail
    (PLC-1710-7, PLC-1760-7)

    • The count of thread which can be cut by the thread trimmer is TEX 50 to 135.
    • The knife pressure is easily adjustable when the count of thread is changed.


Model name PLC-1710-7 PLC-1710 PLC-1760-7 PLC-1760 PLC-1760L
Type 1-needle 2-needle
With automatic thread trimmer - With automatic thread trimmer - Thick-thread long-pitch type
Sewing speed 2,500sti/min* 1,800rpm*(P=0~10mm)
Needle 134×35 Nm110~160
Standard Nm140
134×35 Nm140~200
Standard Nm200
Thread TEX 50~135 TEX 105~270
Max. stitch length 9mm (forward / backward) 12mm (forward / backward)
Stitch adjusting method By dial
Thread take-up Slide type
Automatic reverse feed function Pneumatic type By lever Pneumatic type By lever By lever
Needle bar stroke 36mm 38mm
Hook Vertical-axis 1.6-fold capacity hook (latch type) Vertical-axis 1.6-fold
capacity hook (cap type)
Lift of the presser foot By hand: 9mm, Auto: 16mm
Alternating vertical movement 1~6.5mm 2.5~6.5mm 1~6.5mm 2.5~6.5mm 1~6.5mm
Alternating vertical movement adjusting method Dial Slot slide Dial Slot slide Dial
DL device Provided as standard - Provided as standard - Option
Safety mechanism Provided as standard
Bobbin thread winder Built in the machine arm
Bottom-feedmicro-adjustment mechanism Provided as standard
Lubrication Lubrication: Centralized tank method* Lubrication with an oiler for the hook section
Distance from needle  to machine arm 255mm
Post height 161.7mm
Bed size 517mm×178mm
Knee-lifter - Provided as standard - Provided as standard Provided as standard
Auto-lifter Provided as standard Option Provided as standard Option Option
Weight of the machine head 55kg 55kg 56kg 56kg 58kg
Air consumption 0.3dm³/min
- 0.3dm³/min
- 0.3dm³/min

*sti/min is the abbreviation for “stitches per minute”

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