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Calculate maximum placement speed. Line control software

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Line management function

Production program download / upload / monitoring

Software to download, upload, and monitor production programs sent to the line.
Each line*1 controlled separately. Production status monitor for individual lines.
*1 Maximum 10 machines per line

Multi-line management

Production program download / upload / monitoring can be performed on multiple lines*2.
*2 Maximum 15 machines total for all lines

ISM (storage tower) interface

Data creation function

Cluster optimization

Cluster optimization groups several different production files together in a common feeder setup. It reduces changeover time by eliminating the need to setup feeders between jobs.

Flexline Cad*

Data conversion system to convert text data files generated by CAD systems or output from other machines to JUKI data format. Users can choose from pre-defined input formats or define and save custom conversion formats.

Extension function

Line Manager

A client PC delivers production programs to each machine in the line and manages the entire line. Production and machine management data is collected and consolidated. With the optional external output function, you can interface with MES software

Data Manager(Please contact us for availability.)


JaNets Basic Software

*1 Please contact us for availability.

Compatible models

Series name Corresponding models
RS series RS-1
KE series KE-2050 / KE-2060 / KE-2050R / KE-2055R / KE-2060R / KE-2070 / KE-2080 / KE-2080R / KE-3010 / KE-3010A / KE-3020 / KE-3020R / KE-3020V / KE-3020VA / KE-3020VRA
FX series FX-3 / FX-3R / FX-3RA
RX series RX-6 / RX-6B / RX-6R / RX-7
KD series KD-2077
JX series JX-350 *1*2

*1 Please contact us for availability.
*2 Please contact us for detail.