SMT Total System Software JaNets

Calculate maximum placement speed. Line control software

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Prepare and optimize production files

●Server manager DB

Programs and component data can be shared across multiple lines

●Analysis / optimization support software

Achieve stable operation by visualizing equipment status and performance

●External output function

Line management data (line output, line status, production information)

●Line management function

■ Production program download / upload to line
■ Machine operation information / production information output function
■ Multi-line management
■ Individual machine production (switch programssequentially from production completed machines)
■ Program download / upload instructions by JaNets mobile *, machines Error notification

●System linkage between equipments

By adding Equipment Manager to Line Manager, it is possible to manage the entire line including printing machines and inspection machines.
■ Printer/SPI program management
■ Bad mark propagation
■ Production management information and data output function
■ Feed forward for printing misalignment*
* Applicable models are RV series and RS-1 series

●ISM Interface

■ Automated line balancing and feeder position indication ( line / mounter / trolley, etc.)
■ Analyzes parts of mounter pick lists and determines priority of parts picked based on FIFO, unique ID label date, parts manufacturing date, and/or minimum required reel or tray quantities to meet the PWBA production quantity.
■ Extraction in cluster units by combining parts lists
■ Automated low level parts warning through JaNets
■ For the remaining number of parts of the ISM server, subtract / update the number of mounters used for the production of one board.
■ Highly accurate part counting including component miss-picks.

●Inuitive graphical displays to visualize and act on production data

Visualizes production progress, equipment operating status, errors, etc. at the production site, speeds up decision making, and supports optimal operation of the production line.



JaNets Basic Software

Compatible models

Series name Compatible models
LX Series LX-8
RS Series RS-1R / RS-1
KE Series KE-2050 / KE-2060 / KE-2050R / KE-2055R / KE-2060R / KE-2070 / KE-2080 / KE-2080R / KE-3010 / KE-3010A / KE-3020 / KE-3020R / KE-3020V / KE-3020VA / KE-3020VRA / KE-1070 / KE-1070C / KE-1080 *1 / KE-2070C *1
FX Series FX-3 / FX-3R / FX-3RA / FX-1R *1 / FX-2 *1
RX Series RX-6 / RX-6B / RX-6R / RX-7 / RX-7R / RX-8 *2
KD Series KD-2077 *3
JX Series JX-350 *4
JM Series JM-100 / JM-50 / JM-20 / JM-10 *3
RP/RV Series *5 RP-1 /RP-2 / RV-1 / RV-2 / RV-2-3D / RV-2-3DH / RV-2-3DHL

*1 Only for IFS-NX  *2 Basic Editor+Line Manager are required.  *3 Only for JaNets  *4 Program creation only  *5 Only JaNets equipment manager is supported.