Juki’s new super high-speed RX-8 achieves 100,000 CPH placement speeds!
Announcing the release of the compact modular mounter “RX-8”


JUKI will release globally our “High Speed ​​Compact Modular Mounter RX-8” in July 21, 2021. The system has evolved from previous revolver head models and dramatically increases SMT productivity.

The RX-8 efficiently handles microchip SMD components from miniature 0.4 mm x 0.2 mm up to 5 mm square, and as tall as 3 mm in height. The mounter achieves super high speeds for small parts, both discrete chips and ICs, at high speed using two revolving mounting heads.
The number of nozzles *1 on each mounting head has been increased from 16 to 20 (to 1 head) to improving the number of parts that can be acquired at one stop from one feeder. As a result, it achieves 100,000 CPH *3 in the same footprint as the previous model, the RX-7, but it is 1.3 times *2 faster, and can now claim the highest “area productivity” found in the 2 revolving head mounter class.
In addition, the new P20 revolving “Planet Head” is ideal for rapid mounting of the same part number, with high-quality tuned for volume production of LED lighting, and specifically panel board production using LED edge lights.

In recent years, with the full-scale implementation of 5G (5th generation mobile communication system) and the progress of the latest technologies such as AI and sensing, the electronics assembly industry is required to support IoT implemented in various products such as smartphones, wearable devices, next-generation EV automobiles, and collaborative service robots. Digitalization is driving further miniaturization and density of SMD mounting sites on electronic boards, and this it is required not only to introduce machines with high processing speeds and capability, but also to build SMT mounting lines that have the flexibly to handle various production mixes and to make the entire factory smarter by linking both horizontally with the system from machine to machine in a line, but also vertically to the factories ERP/MES ecosystem of connected software.

By combining the RX-8 together with the RS-1R, our flexible modular mounter, it is possible to build a super high-speed, high-quality SMT line that supports the widest range of products. In addition, by linking with Juki’s Advanced Network System (JaNets) software, the mounting systems software further contributes to improving the productivity of the entire factory, including visualization of the operating machine status.

JUKI will continue to support customers in solving problems at their production sites and building smart factories under the theme of “JUKI Smart Solutions”.

*1 Nozzle: A part that adsorbs and mounts chip parts, etc.
*2 1.3 times: Comparison with the conventional model 75,000 CPH
*3 100,000 CPH: Installed value under our optimum conditions

Model name High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-8
Available from July 21, 2021


(1) High-speed installation of 100,000 CPH and best-in-class area productivity

The compact size with a width of 998 mm has achieved a maximum tact of 100,000 CPH (optimal conditions). It saves space and achieves high productivity.

(2) Newly mounted head (P20 planet head) realizes even higher precision mounting

The new P20 Planet Head is ideal not only for chips and small ICs, but also for lighting using LED edge lights that require high accuracy, panel board production, and wearable device production.

(3) Flexible line construction and high-quality production

In combination with the high-speed smart modular mounter RS-1R, flexible line construction is possible and it supports a wide range of production items.
In addition, we will realize high-speed, high-quality production by connecting with our full lineup of products including pre- and post-process equipment, printing machines, and inspection machines.

(4) Supporting production control and productivity improvement of the entire factory

By using the mounting integrated system software “JaNets”, it is possible to link with the core system as well as production control on the mounting line. It visualizes the production progress, equipment operation status, errors, etc. at the mounting site, speeds up the response, and supports the optimum operation of the production line.