High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-8

Highest placement rates per square meter (sq foot)
Achieves high-speed placements of up to 100,000 CPH

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  • High-speed placements of up to 100,000 CPH.*¹
  • Best-in-class placement rate per square meter(sq ft).*²
  • Integrates seamlessly with the production enviroment
  • Trace Monitor tracks quality throughout production process
  • Low impact placement for flexible circuits
  • The P20 high-precision planet head is ideal for high speed pocking and placing from a single reel.
  • State-of-the-art centering and inspection vision system
  • New high accuracy camera for inspection and centering

*¹ Optimum conditions *² Market survey data



High -Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-8
Board size 50×50~510mm*¹ *²×450mm
Component height 3mm
Component size 0201*³~□5mm
Placement speed
Chip 100,000CPH
±40μm (Cpk ≧1)
Feeder capacity Upto 56 *⁴
Power supply 3-phase AC200V, 220V 430V *⁵
Apparent power 2.1kVA
Operating air pressure 0.5±0.05MPa
Air consumption (standard) 20L/ min ANR (during normal operation)
Machine dimensions (W x D x H)*⁶ 998mm×1,893mm×1,530mm
Mass (approximately) 1,810 kg (with fixed bank)/ 1,760 kg (with bank changing)

*1 BOC, Bad Mark, and 2D barcode can be read only if board length is from 50mm to 350mm
*2 In long board mode (two boards can be produced simultaneously up to 420mm long).
*3 Please contact JUKI for details.
*4 When using RF08AS
*5 220V – 430V requires a separate transformer
*6 Depth D does not include the monitor, and height H does not include the signal light when the conveyor height is 900 mm.